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If your company has complex hiring needs, Seven Step RPO can make the process a whole lot easier. Our custom recruiting solutions are flat-out effective against a range of large, complex hiring challenges. Ask our clients: Seven Step can help you get ahead of talent acquisition.

Deep Commitment

Achieving nothing less than the industry's highest levels of client satisfaction.

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ROI that transcends cost savings to deliver positive and powerful business outcomes.

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Talent AI™ Data Analytics with actionable intelligence to empower Talent Acquisition leaders.

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Proven track record with solving complex, hard-to-fill, and high volume talent acquisition challenges for global companies.

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From Our Blog:

Why Retailers Need a Game-Changing Talent Strategy Now

There were 800,000 online stores in the United States vying for $256 billion in sales in 2015, with an expected uptick to $370 billion in 2017.1This surge reflects a continuing consumer shift that is challenging brick-and-mortar retailers to deeply transform how they stay profitable. The pressure is on and at the core of this change lies the talent strategy that will either lead retailers into the future or run them into the ground....  read more

Has the term ‘employee engagement’ lost its impact?

For years we have been hearing about the importance and value of improving employee engagement. And rightly so, as the benefits are amazing when employees are truly engaged.

But like many popular phrases (e.g. ‘innovative’) the phrase becomes overused and soon loses its impact. In a sense, we become immune to it. So, what does it mean if employees and managers are unresponsive to the term ‘engagement’? How do we overcome this so that we can actually well, engage, employees?...  read more

Leveraging Technology to Keep Job Candidates Attracted to Your Brand

We all want to hire the best talent possible. To do so, we need to remember that it’s not about moving people through the process – it’s about how the candidate feels while going through the process.

We are in a competitive talent market right now, and there aren’t many ways to differentiate your brand from your competitors. Salaries and benefits are already competitive and on par for most companies. That means you need to up your game in other ways.

How can you do that? By leveraging technology to meet the expectations of your candidates....  read more

Millennials are in the driver’s seat as companies ramp up hiring

Young people are finally returning to the workplace, the March employment report showed. That means companies will have to make a bigger effort in recruiting. As the job market tightens, how are firms going to get the best recruits?...  read more

6 Tips For The Sourcer-Recruiter

article image

So, you’ve been hired as a sourcer, one of those stealthy (in a good way!) covert agents who combs through the all-encompassing, open web to locate resumes and phone numbers for candidates who may be completely unaware that their information is out there. You employ keywords, complex strings and niche sources to pinpoint your targets. When done well, you find the next great hire.

Intriguing work, right? Absolutely! But it gets better! Many companies, like Seven Step RPO, where we work, are taking on a new hybrid model where sourcers are also working as recruiters. Understandably, it’s a big change to go from looking up data to picking up the phone and making cold calls! If you’re starting out in this hybrid role, we’ve got some tips to help you succeed:...  read more

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