Recruitment Mastery

Training Course List

Seven Step RPO’s recruitment training and certification program is the starting point for everything that makes us effective talent acquisition partners. It’s what allows our custom RPO solutions make a clear, lasting impact on our clients' businesses.

Our Heritage: The Foundation to Our Training

The drive to innovate, to spend every day becoming better recruiters, has been with us for a long time. It's in our cultural DNA. Our recruiting heritage was cultivated over two decades in the contingency "hard-to-fill" recruiting business, where it's only natural to put a lot of energy into finding fresh new ways to deliver more reliable recruiting results. Today, our accumulated twenty-five plus years' worth of best-practices innovation forms the body of a rigorous recruitment training program that's the best in our industry.

Homegrown Talent

Seven Step's teams are different. We hire smart, energetic problem-solvers and teach them to be the best recruiters, coordinators, and sourcers. But our training program isn't just for new hires. Even the seasoned and highly tenured staff has to keep up with the pace of recruitment innovation. That's why everyone on the Seven Step staff, regardless of seniority or tenure, participates in our ongoing recruitment training program.

In our delivery centers, everyone speaks the same language, lives by the same cultural code, and uses the same recruitment procedures. Everyone is up-to-date on Seven Step's evolving best practices. That makes a big difference when we have to adjust quickly to changing client needs.

Recruitment Training Structure

There are more than 120 courses in our recruitment training program, and all of them are based 100% on our own historical best practices as well as ongoing innovations.

Six recruitment certification programs are available. And courses on industry-specific recruiting and other detailed techniques are available for everyone.

In addition, everyone also receives regular training on his or her own client’s procee compliance, technology systems, culture, employment branding, and market dynamics.

Seven Step RPO is part of the Motion Recruitment Partners LLC family of innovative recruitment companies