Recruitment Framework

We’re passionate about best practices when it comes to recruitment delivery. We’re constantly exploring, codifying, and sharing new ones: best practices for generating recruitment results, best practices for becoming more productive in our work, and best practices for offering a higher level of RPO service to our clients.

Seven Step's process is an evolving playbook of recruitment's best practices, a playbook that has seven chapters.

We break recruitment’s core tasks into seven steps. Your company may break things down differently. What we will bring to the table is more than just a process. We bring the attitude and focus to get better at all of it, every single day.

We've built an extremely reliable, extremely flexible framework for delivering state-of-the-art service and results across the breadth of the recruitment spectrum.

Customized Approach

Because we work from a recruiting framework and not a rigid process, we can be flexible in crafting custom RPO solutions for our clients. One client’s solution might involve all seven of the framework steps. Another’s might involve just one or two of them.

The flexibility that's inherent in Seven Step’s recruitment framework means we can be super-efficient in solving each client’s unique challenges. We can react and scale rapidly as their needs evolve.

The Seven Steps

For a more detailed look at how Seven Step's recruitment framework could be applied to your hiring needs, just talk to us.

  • Step 1 – Setup

    • Assess past/ current recruiting strategy
    • Design custom recruitment process
    • Establish advisory relationship with HM
  • Step 2 – Source

    • Building sourcing strategy
    • Data mining
    • Search engine optimization of all postings
    • Targeted social media & event based networking
  • Step 3 – Screen

    • Phone-screen candidates
    • Behavioral screening
    • Test and assess
    • Assessment tool recommendation
    • Selling the job opportunity
    • Building a robust referral network
  • Step 4 – Schedule

    • Schedule interviews
    • Confirm interviews
    • Extensive candidate interview preparation
  • Step 5 – Feedback

    • Gather manager feedback
    • Gather candidate feedback
    • Maximize # of “YES” candidates
    • HM interview skills analysis & optimization
  • Step 6 – Offer

    • In depth candidate pre-closure
    • Market research and offer analysis
    • Negotiate and extend offers
  • Step 7 – Onboard

    • Conduct background/reference/drug checks
    • Provide new start orientation

Seven Step RPO is part of the Motion Recruitment Partners LLC family of innovative recruitment companies