Employment Brand Stewardship

The importance of the employment brand is often overlooked in the recruiting process. That's dangerous. For the best candidates -- the type of job seekers who can move your business forward -- choosing which opportunities to pursue involves dynamics that are similar to those in consumer purchase decision making....  read more

Hiring Manager Satisfaction

One of our largest clients (50K U.S. employees) sends out a satisfaction survey at the end of every month. Our SLA is to maintain a 90% satisfaction rating. For all you math wizards that's 9 out 10 hiring managers need to be satisfied or more than satisfied with our service every month. The good news is we regularly hit 98% - 100% over the last 12 months....  read more

Decreasing Time-to-Fill

We all know that time-to-fill is one of the most important metrics in the talent acquisition game. Many companies set a 30-day goal for filling key positions, from search inception to start date. Other companies see 30 days as a really short, aspirational timeframe, one that can be achieved if everything goes very well, but one that seems a little unrealistic given the many things that can potentially go wrong....  read more

Internal Recruiting vs. RPO

Would you be willing to put internal recruiting head to head against an RPO provider in a winner-take- all contest? The higher-performing team takes over recruiting. Either the internal recruiting team gets laid off or the RPO provider gets fired. It's risky, but could it work?...  read more

Seven Step Recruiting Goes International!

Seven Step recently delivered an international recruiting program for a high-profile U.S.-based technology company that is expanding their consulting services to Europe. The client needed to recruit over 100 consultants in several countries but hadn't set up an operation in Europe yet. Due to the delivery timeline with their clients they had to prove capability to recruit in these areas quickly....  read more

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