How Seven Step RPO Helped CVS Attract IT Professionals

Many industries are seeing rapid growth and HR is turning to their RPO partners for advice and strategic assistance to recruit skilled candidates in larger volumes from the limited pool.

For example, CVS Health serves an aging population that is expected to increase the volume of prescriptions they need in future. To better serve their growth in customers, CVS Health is enhancing its technology systems and is looking to recruit more IT professionals such as programmers. 

CVS Health has partnered with Seven Step RPO to recruit IT candidates. According to Christy Del Regno, HR director of talent acquisition at CVS Health, “We needed assistance in reducing the time to onboard new hires (and) quickly ramp up.”

Del Regno explains how companies cannot wait for candidates to appear and as HR steps into more of a strategic role, it is finding that it needs help with strategic assistance in the hunt for high-volume and quality candidates. 

Seven Step RPO assisted in both of CVS Health’s recruitment and retention efforts. Instead of just hiring and training IT employees on a contingent contractor basis, it also sought innovative ways to convert these contracted IT positions into more permanent ones. Del Regno says the success of this tactic has helped the company improve data security management and colleague retention, while reducing talent-related costs.

According to Paul Harty, president of Seven Step RPO, “Many of our current and prospective customers have talent recruitment and talent management on their minds right now. As baby boomers retire and college graduates have different work aims, there’s a big fear in the marketplace that the organization won’t be able to attract or retain the talent it needs to sell more stuff or do more things.”

Seven Step RPO has developed a mobile recruiting application that links online job hunters to the job posting section of a client’s website. Candidates can easily review the company’s employment brand and business value proposition, search for openings, and then apply for a job using their mobile devices. 

To view Paul Harty’s full insights as it originally appeared in HRO Today, see “Predictive Planning.


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