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Employment brand is becoming just as important as the company brand itself. We’re seeing a lot of companies shift their focus on communicating how authentic their employee’s relationship is with the brand. The foundation of a company’s culture lays within its people and HR departments are realizing the importance of fostering an open and authentic recruitment strategy. It reflects on the brand and how the company culture will work as a unit.  

With recruiters and RPO providers, understanding the importance of creating a stable and open community helps them communicate a synonymous message.  According to Jacqueline Waites Moss, vice president and CHRO at Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, “Our culture is to collaborate on innovations to the betterment of our customers,” says Moss. “We wanted to be sure candidates understood exactly what this culture is and if they don’t fit it, that’s okay. Consistency in the interview process was critical to this objective.”

When Toshiba acquired IBM’s retail stores solutions business in 2012, two great brands then became one—Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. The company specializes in developing, customizing, and integrating store-level technology and solutions for different types of retail businesses. The challenge from an employment standpoint was the message that would go out to prospective hires. 

Greg Karr, executive vice president of Seven Step RPO, said it took time and research to figure out the core messages to attract the right hires. “We wanted to be sure the message was the same for each candidate whether they are entry level [candidate] or an engineer, not that we didn’t customize it based on the position,” he adds. “We worked hard to be sure the employment brand was representative of the culture in place. Recruiting is a very personal thing. This is a person’s career.”

You can see Greg Karr and Jacqueline Waites Moss full insights and commentary in the originally article written by Russ Baham on HRO Today here: Telling Your Tale


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