Are Behavioral Interviews Still Relevant?

Everyone knows most fads come and go, but every once in a while, a fad catches gold and is still relevant all these years later. So where do behavioral interviews fall in the industry? Behavioral interviews — where hiring managers ask questions of job candidates that elicit insight into how they may act in certain situations — are much more common today than 10 years ago. But much like any interview method, it can lose its effectiveness as candidates learn to work around it.

Jason Berkowtiz, VP of Client Services for Seven Step RPO, offers his insights on the current status of behavioral intervivews in an article in Talent Management Magazine, titled “Are Behavioral Interviews Still Relevant?”

“The best behavioral interview questions are going to ask somebody about a time that they had to do a task that is required for the role they’re in,” said Jason Berkowitz, vice president of client services at Seven Step RPO, a recruitment outsourcing firm. “If you’re hiring a writer, ask them about a time they had to produce a lot of content on a tight deadline. Their answer will give you a hint of their ideas of ‘a lot of content’ and ‘a tight deadline.’ ”

 “One of the reasons behavioral interviewing is so effective is that it’s hard to fake,” Berkowitz said. Good follow-up questions will help the trained interviewer catch those who are bluffing. “As I start to peel the onion, it gets very hard to fake it. It’s very effective at differentiating the people who talk a good game vs. those who have the experience you’re looking for,” he said.

You can see Jason Berkowitz’s full insights and commentary in the originally posted article on Talent Management Magazine here: Are Behavioral Interviews Still Relevant?

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