Don’t get ghosted after your next job interview

Talk to any professional in New York City and you’ll likely hear a similar story. Being ignored by a hiring manager after an interview — i.e., “job ghosting” — may be universal, but that doesn’t mean it’s not unprofessional, annoying and unsettling. Here, some ways to cope when it happens to you.

Get an ETA. Ideally, you want an estimate of how long they’ll take for the hiring process before you leave the final interview, says Emily Gordon, a recruitment expert and the director of implementation at hiring firm Seven Step RPO. “Knowing what their timeline is can save you a lot of stress and also prevents you from checking in too early,” she says.

. . . And pay it forward. If you’re the one hiring, don’t disappear. Letting a potential job candidate know that you decided to go in another direction, but will touch base in the future if a potential opportunity fits their skill set, may seem like rejection — but job applicants agree that knowing it’s a no is far better than wondering what happened. “Remember, it gives you and your company a bad reputation if you become known for not responding to job hopefuls, which, in the end, can hurt your business,” cautions Gordon.

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