One RPO Doesn’t Fit All

When it comes to any business decision, it’s important to make strong choices that align with your company’s brand and growth strategies. After all, what works for Urban Outfitters won’t work for Brooks Brothers. However, we aren’t just talking about attire, client base, and company attitude. It’s no different with RPO. Just because your friend’s company has had tremendous success with the RPO company his/her business employs, does not mean that it would work well for your company. It’s important for businesses to realize that RPOs can vary just as much as clothing store chains. Strategic Director Emily Gordon discusses on The Staffing Stream what to ask internally when considering RPO partners to determine the best match.

The Staffing Stream: When you’re hiring an RPO, what factors should you consider as you choose a firm that is right for you? As someone who has overseen many RPO solution implementations, I get asked this question pretty often. I find that many companies aren’t aware of the various questions to ask and issues to look at when they’re seeking a great match for their hiring needs. 

There is, of course, an RFP process, but what you ask and how you ask it are as important as the answers you receive. You have to be willing to look beyond the scripted answers that these RPOs have as “stock” and find out the root of the information and if it truly is the core of the RPO or just an answer to propel them forward in the process. 

As you evaluate RPO firms, here are key questions to explore: 

  1. Do you want a vendor or a partner? 
  2. Does the RPO seem as if they will fit your culture?
  3. Is the RPO the right size? 
  4. Do they have experts for your hiring initiatives? 
  5. Are they transparent? 
  6. How will they ensure that performance expectations are met? 

You can read Emily Gordon’s full article here on The Staffing Stream: One RPO Doesn’t Fit All


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