Through the Looking Glass(door)

For recruiters and companies, logging on to Glassdoor and reading current or former employee reviews can be as frightening as a Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees movie. However, unlike the movies, these reviews don’t end after two hours, they aren’t predominately fiction, and worst of all – you’re not going to enjoy a tub of popcorn while seeing what’s on the screen. The good news is that you don’t need to go to the land of Oz in order for your to company to reap the benefits of Glassdoor. If Chief Brody can kill Jaws, then you can make Glassdoor beneficial to your employment brand. On, Business Development Manager James Holt uses some of his favorite movie quotes for how companies can deal with negative Glassdoor reviews/box office bombs, and how to turn them into positives/Oscar winning pictures. If you’re like most HR executives, logging into Glassdoor can be like one of those vanity mirrors with the bright lights: even the tiniest imperfection is magnified beyond belief, leaving you gasping in horror at what you see.

Many of these executives who read the entries on Glassdoor are shocked to find that those reviews completely contradict how they think their employment brand is perceived. Negative feedback by hires who turned out to be a bad fit or disgruntled past employees can drive a wedge between your recruitment marketing efforts and savvy candidates that use every available avenue to vet an opportunity. Prospective employees are no different than consumers today: they check online reviews and will trust them more than any marketing collateral, believing it to be more authentic because it comes from “real people,” not a “faceless company.”

Harsh reality or not, it’s life in the digital age. So how can you defend the honor of your employment brand while redefining who you really are in the employment world? Thankfully, Hollywood can give us a little inspiration, as James has used the following famous quotes to describe life on Glassdoor:

  • “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business.” (Michael Corleone, “The Godfather”)
  • “I’m Batman.” (Bruce Wayne A.K.A. Batman, “Batman”)
  • “It’s not the years baby…it’s the miles.” (Indiana Jones, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”)
  • “Cats and dogs living together…MASS HYSTERIA!” (Dr. Peter Venkman, “Ghostbusters”)
  • “For a 45-minute fight, you gotta train hard for 45,000 minutes, 45,000!” (Mickey, “Rocky II”)

You can read James Holt’s full article here on Through the Looking Glass(door)


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