Sourcers Are From Mars, Recruiters Are From Venus: Bridging the Great Divide

Since the dawn of time, the relationship between sourcers and recruiters has been similar to the relationship between Yankee fans and Red Sox fans. While there hasn’t been any Babe Ruth trades, Bucky Dent home runs, or 3-1 ALCS comebacks between sourcers and recruiters, the volatility between both sides can be just as palpable as going to a bar in the Bronx or Boston while wearing the opposing team’s hat. However, while there is close to no hope that the two baseball teams’ fans will ever get along, what would actually happen if sourcers and recruiters became friends and worked together to help hire the best talent? Senior Sourcing Specialist Andrea Blasdale discusses how this can happen, the benefits that would come out of sourcers and recruiters working together, and what they can learn from each other. We can promise you one thing – the world won’t end because of it, but maybe Big Papi and Derek Jeter will get a beer together one day…but maybe not. 

SourceCon: Sourcers and recruiters both have the same purpose: to facilitate the hiring of the best talent. So, why is it that we don’t always work as a team? Let me tell you a story. When I first started my work as a sourcer, I went about my work with my sourcing team, the way we always did it. We focused on finding stellar candidates. And the recruiters? Well, they were in another location, doing their thing, finding… stellar candidates. One day, after a few interactions with each other, we realized that our two teams didn’t really know that much about what the other one did, or how they did it, or what they struggled with, or that we had tools that could make the entire process so much easier. So, we decided to do the next logical thing: we moved in with them. That’s right, into the same office space. We now sat next to each other all day. And what happened? We started having conversations, learning from each other, and getting to know the value we each brought to the game. Where do we stand today? We’re a seamless team of colleagues that leverages our combined strengths to achieve a common goal.

Not all sourcers and recruiters are as lucky as we were to have this type of teambuilding experience. That’s why I wanted to share some of what we’ve learned, so that you can work toward fostering a true partnership and team spirit.

Andrea highlights the following top tips in her article as a way to bring peace between sourcers and recruiters:

  1. Check your attitude at the door.  
  2. Get to know each other as people. 
  3. Have a game plan. 
  4. Educate each other. 
  5. Stay focused on your common purpose.
  6. Celebrate success together.

You can read Andrea Blasdale’s full article here on SourceCon: Sourcers Are From Mars, Recruiters Are From Venus: Bridging the Great Divide


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