Why You Can’t Afford Not to Hire College Graduates

College. Just the word conjures up memories of the four ‘p’s: parties, professors, Pop-Tarts and pizza. However, there’s two more ‘p’s that every college student thinks about: their potential paycheck. Hiring managers can often crush those dreams as sometimes, they are not interested in hiring these recent grads. Many hiring managers only want to deal with people who have experience. Combine that with how recent college grads can often be lost in the job application process, and things can get a bit messy. Strategic Director Krista Williams discusses on HR Daily Advisor some of the reasons why hiring college graduates is not only a good move, but why companies and experienced employees can benefit from working with them.    

HR Daily Advisor: I have been working with college students … well, since I was in college. In most, if not all, of my positions I have had the fortune of working with interns, new graduates, placement offices, faculty, and students. My support has not only been to assist in job placement but also to support the transition of students from the life of ramen noodles and 10 a.m. classes to meeting the demands of a completely connected work environment with high expectations. 

I enjoy the aspect of the students being full of life, holding huge aspirations, and having absolutely no idea how to get where they are trying to go. I have partnered with placement offices at several colleges and managed college hiring programs for several organizations. Over the years, some things have changed and some things haven’t at all. Here is what I have learned and what I would advise hiring managers to keep in mind:

  • Students have very limited views of the types of positions they can actually perform once they graduate. - They need to speak with a lot of people in various industries in order to be able to make an educated decision about where they should be focusing their career search efforts.
  • Companies should hire for potential, not experience. - One to two years of experience in your field doesn’t hold a candle to someone willing to give the extra effort for the team to make their quarterly goals or prepare a killer presentation because it is something they want to do – not what they are told to do.
  • Provide training and opportunity. - Whether it is on the desk or in the training room, make sure you are providing an environment where your eager, fresh graduates can continually learn.

You can read Krista Williams’ full article here on HR Daily Advisor: Why You Can’t Afford Not to Hire College Graduates


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