Three Ways To Stay Competitive In The War For Talent

Be competitive.  This mantra drives and motivates businesses in every single aspect and department of the company’s current and future plans and developments – from sales to advertising to hiring at the entry level to the executive division. However, there is a big difference between being competitive and competing the right way with a well thought-out plan. Featured on, Business Development Manager James Holt has identified the challenges and keys to success when it comes to the competitiveness of hiring. There are multiple factors that indicate the war for talent is once again heating up. The recovering economy is bolstering people’s ability to refocus on employer choice and career advancement. Retiring baby boomers are driving gaps in key talent markets – particularly in the health care and finance fields. The move toward re-shoring/on-shoring in manufacturing is exacting a demand for highly skilled engineers and tech talent that simply does not exist in the United States. A vacuum of talent puts critical roles in many industries at a premium. Competition is fierce.

Here is a breakdown of the topics James covers in the article:

  1. Strengthen your employment branding. 
  2. Train your recruiters to be sales and action-oriented. 
  3. Evaluate your hiring processes. 

You can read James' full article here on Three Ways to Stay Competitive in the War for Talent.


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