Is Social Recruiting Your Go-To Strategy? (If not, here’s why it should be)

We all know that social media is an integral part of our daily lives. It’s how we connect, interact, share our lives and respond to brands, companies and yes… seek and find jobs and employees. Social media has become a cornerstone of talent acquisition. In fact, according to BPO and outsourcing analyst firm NelsonHall, nine out of 10 companies in the U.S. already utilize some form of social media in their recruiting, while two-thirds of job seekers are using social media to search for employment. This just goes to show that engaging candidates via social channels is indeed a best practice and one you can’t afford to fall behind on. 

In his recent post, Gary Bragar, NelsonHall’s HR Outsourcing Resource Director, commented on their 2014 RPO market analysis, which highlighted the trends toward social recruiting. According to their report, the global shortage of talent predicted for the foreseeable future will cause RPO buyers to continue to seek specialists to attract candidates through social networks. A major purpose is to create a pipeline of passive candidates (i.e., via talent communities) to improve speed, quality of hire and talent retention. His post also cites JobVite’s finding that in 2013, 92% of recruiters made a hire through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the top platform used, followed by Facebook, then closely followed by Twitter, which is growing in usage at the fastest rate. 

While most RPO firms are on the social recruiting bandwagon, here at Seven Step, we’ve been out on the forefront. Bragar highlighted one of our social recruiting success stories with a well-known American motorcycle manufacturer. This client came to us for help filling 500 open positions, of which around 85% were hard to fill. There weren’t many qualified local candidates and the company had no established talent community, nor a formal social recruiting program. We developed a sourcing approach that protected and leveraged the client’s strong employment brand. The result was that we grew the company’s new talent community to about 80,000 engaged candidates. Over half became repeat visitors and applied for multiple jobs. Overall, roughly 10% of all hires came from the talent community, more than any sourced by the major job boards, search engines, or industry networks/affiliations. That’s the power of social recruiting and we’re proud to say that it is a go-to strategy for every client we partner with. 

Read the full post by Gary Brager on the Nelson Hall website.

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