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On Thursday, featured a piece by Seven Step's Sourcing Solutions Manager Victor Alberts (@The_Victor2) discussing who should be responsible for your social recruiting.

Here's a bit of what he had to say: Candidates today connect, communicate, and proactively do their homework as they interact with future employers through social media. Their first impression of your brand often takes place through your social media presence. They expect responsiveness, a person behind the brand voice, and the ability to ask questions, learn about job openings, and feel you out before they commit to clicking “apply.” The value of social recruiting is not in question. How to implement your social strategy is.

Who should be responsible for social recruiting? The answer depends on several factors. The size, depth, and internal resources of a company. Legal and compliance concerns. Current workload of sourcers and recruiters. The role marketing and communications already has in social.

But the driving factor always comes down to business strategy. Talent is critical for achieving strategic goals, and meeting that talent where they are — on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter  – is expected by candidates.

Four Options to Consider for Social Recruiting

There are important factors to consider when determining who should be responsible for social recruiting. Companies typically face four choices:

  1. Put the burden of real-time social media postings and responses on your internal sourcers and recruiters
  2. Assign a dedicated employee or team to social recruiting
  3. Rely on marketing and communications to handle social recruiting
  4. Partner with your recruitment process outsourcing firm to create/expand your social capabilities

There are pros and cons to consider for each approach. Here are key questions to explore as you consider the best tactic for your company.

You can read Victor's full piece on here: Who’s Responsible for Social Recruiting?

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