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Email Best Practices for Effective Candidate Engagement

No matter how many articles out there exclaim that “email is dead”, I’m here to tell you that it is definitely here to stay. Email is an essential part of the recruitment process and one of the best ways to interact with candidates. It leaves an electronic trail, it’s convenient, time saving, and non-intrusive.

Continue reading for tips for how you can improve your email best practices when interacting with candidates....  read more

How to Win the Regional Talent War


The fight for top talent throughout the country has never been tougher, and companies are struggling to recruit, hire, and retain the regional talent they need in order to succeed. To make things even more difficult, competition is no longer just limited to other companies in the direct line of business since ”Shared Services” positions such as IT, Finance, Marketing, and Customer Service constitute the majority of common positions that all companies must fill.

So what does a TA leader do when there is a substantial amount of regional competition for the same types of candidates?  ...  read more

Talent Communities Matter. Here's Proof.

Make a customer, not a sale. In talent acquisition this credo has not historically been the norm. After all, most applicant tracking systems are specifically built to be incapable of managing dynamic candidate relationships. Most applicant tracking systems were built to have a rigid transactional workflow with a clear “start” and “end”. There’s no way for candidates to move freely within the system. If a candidate didn’t get hired for a job? Too bad. As far as the ATS is concerned that candidate is in an end-step; usually ‘Rejected’.

Vendors like Jobs2Web have proven, with actionable data, that re-engaging candidate over time can significantly impact current hiring results. In one report from the Recruitment Innovation Summit they stated that 43% of job applicants apply after the first day of applying with an employer. The candidates come back as repeat visitors. It begs the question, how long are hired candidates interacting with your employment brand before they are hired? We set out to measure this for ourselves....  read more

Talent Community Essentials

There's a lot of buzz in the talent acquisition world around talent communities. In fact, we recently wrote about how all employers actually already have a talent community. Nurturing a talent community can maximize an employer’s hiring potential, but how does an employer maintain those relationships?

First, we need to keep in mind that just because people are in your talent community does not make them active candidates. These members could be fans of your Facebook page, alumni, brand loyalists, or past applicants (from years ago). They can however represent your future hires. The stars have just not aligned quite yet. The ideal job opportunity hasn’t been opened (or pitched). The timing just isn’t right for the candidate to leave a current position or relocate. Or when they were looking 3 years ago, they didn’t yet have the skill set they have now. The key here is to maintain relationships, but to offer more than just job. How do you get prospects to enter into long-term relationships with you?

In this post, we’ll cover some of the methods various employers use to stay in touch with their talent base....  read more

Talent Community Definition

The talent community concept continues to be one of the hottest topics in talent acquisition. It’s also a concept that Seven Step really believes in, and more importantly, has seen significant results from.

Talent community practices have evolved over the last few years. This is partly because of advances in technology that allow large scale social communities possible, and the inevitable evolution of companies that have shifted to embrace social media as a core piece of their recruitment strategy.

Let’s start by defining the individual terms. According to Webster:...  read more

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