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Recruiting: Take care not to overlook the quiet candidates

When it comes to relationships, the old adage has always been ‘opposites attract’, but do they in the work place? How do the creative and financial departments work together? What about morning people and night owls? Do extroverts work well with introverts? Some hiring managers would theorize that an effective hire is someone who is willing to speak up, say their mind, and represent the extroverts all over the world. However, smart hiring managers recognize that there is a need to hire both extroverts and introverts. Strategic Director Krista Williams, a noted extrovert, discusses the benefits of hiring introverts, and how they help balance teams, as featured in HR Morning. 

HR Morning:  I am an extrovert. I ask questions. I share experiences. I am usually the loudest voice in the room even when I try to sit on my hands (I am Italian) and not speak. I’m like a bottle of champagne trying not to pop my cork. I can start a conversation with anyone and figure out a sustainable topic that we can chat about for an extended, almost ridiculous, period of time....  read more

You’ve Been Asked to Start a Veteran Hiring Program. Now What?

With Memorial Day coming up, military veteran hiring is a very topical subject matter within the HR industry. There are a lot of benefits when hiring veterans, as they have strong leadership and teamwork skills, character, structure and discipline, and loyalty. Companies also really enjoy promoting the fact that they hire veterans. Strategic Director Krista Williams used her background in veteran hiring to write about the next steps and potential tips for companies who have implemented a veteran hiring program, as featured in Recruiting Trends.

Recruiting Trends: If you’ve been asked to start a veteran/military hiring program, there are some important issues to be aware of before you put your program into place. In my work with clients, I help them develop effective strategies to create veteran hiring initiatives that tap into the great source of talent that our ex-military community offers. One thing I’ve seen, though, is a tendency for companies to think hiring vets is as simple as deciding to do so. Not so! ...  read more

10 Tips To Managing Interview Cancellations And No Shows

In certain ways, the dating world can be similar to recruiting and interviewing. You meet someone, you either hit off and decide to see each other again, or it’s just not meant to be. Of course, there is always the potentially to be stood up on a date or an interview. The question then becomes, what do you do when that happens?  Strategic Director Katie Calhoun writes about potential tips to help reduce candidate cancellations and no shows, as featured in Undercover Recruiter.

Undercover Recruiter: As the war for talent has once again heated up, candidates are no longer willing to wait long for interviews. Many are simultaneously interviewing at multiple employers. If they get hired somewhere else, they cancel your interview. Some simply do not show up and do not call. Frustrating, right? Not to mention costly, as some hiring managers travel to conduct selection interviews. But, before you pull your hair out, take a moment to consider the candidate’s point of view....  read more

Three Ways To Stay Competitive In The War For Talent

Be competitive.  This mantra drives and motivates businesses in every single aspect and department of the company’s current and future plans and developments – from sales to advertising to hiring at the entry level to the executive division. However, there is a big difference between being competitive and competing the right way with a well thought-out plan. Featured on, Business Development Manager James Holt has identified the challenges and keys to success when it comes to the competitiveness of hiring. There are multiple factors that indicate the war for talent is once again heating up. The recovering economy is bolstering people’s ability to refocus on employer choice and career advancement. Retiring baby boomers are driving gaps in key talent markets – particularly in the health care and finance fields. The move toward re-shoring/on-shoring in manufacturing is exacting a demand for highly skilled engineers and tech talent that simply does not exist in the United States. A vacuum of talent puts critical roles in many industries at a premium. Competition is fierce....  read more

How to Select an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Let me start by saying I’m not a procurement expert. I’m not going to tell you how to conduct a competitive demo shootout, how to negotiate terms, or how to run an RFP process. What I am going to talk about is how to weigh various factors that may affect these processes so that you can make the best possible decisions.

In more than 20 years in the recruitment business, I can tell you that ATS systems are like elbows – everyone has one, and everyone says theirs is a bit rougher than they would like. 

Here are 6 things to consider during your ATS selection process....  read more

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