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How Brexit May Impact Hiring Tech Talent in the UK

There is tremendous speculation about how the UK’s vote to leave the European Union will impact the economy and business’s ability to attract and retain talent. From dire predictions of doom to optimistic visions of improvement, the unknown creates an environment of fear. Will we lose all our non-UK workers? What will happen if our process for securing talent is too slow to compete with faster, easier-access countries? What if we can’t get the talent we need? What if talent shuns us because we’re difficult? Fear is a natural reaction to unexpected change. Rather than dwell in fear, let us focus on what we can impact and control....  read more

3 Signs That Your Talent Acquisition Process Is Failing

You suspect you have a problem with your talent acquisition (TA), but you can’t quite pinpoint it. Let’s get beyond that sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach and find out what’s really going on so you can assess how big of a problem it actually is and what actions (if any!) are required.


I meet with many great companies experiencing talent acquisition “challenges.” Sometimes, identifying the difference between comparatively normal challenges and outright failure is hard. These companies know something is not right and they are experiencing negative consequences in their business – but they aren’t sure if there’s a systemic problem or if they’re simply expecting way too much.


Talent acquisition is a tough business. It’s competitive, operationally demanding, and fast-paced. So, feeling stressed and under pressure is absolutely normal on any given day in TA. That’s just part of the game. Simply feeling stressed doesn’t necessarily mean you have a problem!...  read more

Talent Acquisition: Earning a Seat at the Table

As resourceful as talent acquisition (TA) is to a company, you have to prove your value and that of TA before you can even consider fraternizing with the big wigs. You can no longer think of yourself and your team as just doers, but as leaders. In environments where TA is a supplier of updates on tasks or executing on initiatives that others create, you have to understand the larger picture and ask yourself these questions:

How does talent acquisition fit into the company’s strategy? How will decisions made by other lines of business affect talent acquisition? What can we do to impact other business units’ success? What are the risks associated with not voicing concerns in a quantifiable and impactful way?

In order to get to the root of this and start setting your place among your peers or higher ranking business leaders, you need to start by acknowledging why Talent Acquisition has not been at the table in the past. If you are in an environment where you have been with a company for a while and TA is an afterthought or only called upon as needed, getting included in these conversations now will take more time but it can be done. Here is how:...  read more

Bring the Candidate’s Voice into Your Hiring Process

Job seekers often realize very quickly that not all hiring processes are created equal. While the job search should be a time of optimism and excitement, it is often ruined by hiring processes that are not optimized for the job seeker’s convenience. Some recruiters get the process totally right, some get part of it right, and others simply miss the mark altogether.

Even if your hiring process isn’t totally perfect, there are some non-negotiable aspects that must be in place in order to keep optimistic and engaged candidates moving through your pipeline....  read more

How Seven Step RPO Helped CVS Attract IT Professionals

Many industries are seeing rapid growth and HR is turning to their RPO partners for advice and strategic assistance to recruit skilled candidates in larger volumes from the limited pool.

For example, CVS Health serves an aging population that is expected to increase the volume of prescriptions they need in future. To better serve their growth in customers, CVS Health is enhancing its technology systems and is looking to recruit more IT professionals such as programmers. ...  read more

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