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Reaching Passive Talent Effectively

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In a recent infographic produced by LinkedIn, the company took a look at the fundamental difference between active and passive candidates. “Passive job seekers” make up an estimated 79% of the world’s working professionals. Obviously, talent acquisition pros can’t source effectively without finding a way to reach this huge portion of the workforce.

The good news is, there’s a clear way “in” with passive candidates, as they’re more likely than active job seekers to be attracted to challenging work, and the opportunity to make an impact. The bad news is, they’re a much tougher sell than active seekers. Passive candidates require a completely different recruiting strategy than many talent acquisition pros are accustomed to....  read more

Rules of Engagement

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Recruiting is all about relationships. When it comes to engaging candidates, the landscape is continuously changing. Years ago, no one used LinkedIn, no one used Twitter. Social media has fundamentally altered the environment in which we recruit. But outside of social media, there are other factors that illustrate this point. According to the most recent Career Xroads Source of Hire Report survey, employee referrals are still a top source of hire. The report also shows an increase in social media hires.

Being a sourcing professional myself, I'm always eager for this report to come out each year as a way to benchmark our clients against "the norm", but from an engagement standpoint we can see that it is the relationship that influences the hire. We've also seen that companies with a strong brand connection can see hires from aggregators that rely on SEO increase as much as 500% in recent years. Job boards are less of a starting destination as they are a landing page for a quick Google search. Brands with a strong connection can receive immediate engagement from applicants.

Basically it all boils down to one very simple formula:...  read more

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