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What NOT to share on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become a very powerful tool for networking and job recruiting, but people should be careful with how they use it. If you don’t position yourself properly, you could potentially do more damage than good. Knowing what type of information to post on a LinkedIn profile will make or break that crucial job interview you’ve been yearning after. The social network, which constantly encourages its members to share more — including details that may seem irrelevant in professional context, such as specific causes they care about or volunteer experience — could actually be doing some users a disservice.

Showcasing positive extracurricular activities and accomplishments can give people a better sense of yourself but always be aware of the fine line of over-sharing. According to Emily Gordon, Strategic Director for Seven Step, you should “highlight facts and stats that are relevant to your job, industry, professional network, or clients. If it doesn't relate to those topics, it should be removed.”

You also shouldn't let your personality, beliefs or whatever you do on your own time keep you from landing a new job, closing a sale or making a connection with a big shot in your industry. Gordon suggests cutting personal hobbies and interests, such kayaking or karate, from your LinkedIn profile. "Yes, they can make you stand out, but professional skills, like certifications or awards, will carry a lot more weight."...  read more

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Recruit Better Tech Talent

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that today’s market revolves around candidates. As a result, recruitment firms and hiring managers alike must do whatever it takes to remain one step ahead. For some, social media recruiting is the answer. Using this method as leverage not only gives insight to a candidates experience and skill set but their lifestyle as it pertains to cultural fits as well. Paul Harty, Seven Step’s President, comments on this new age recruiting style....  read more

Socially Accepted

From the word “hashtag” being added to the Miriam Webster Dictionary to Facebook handles being featured on bus stop advertisements, social media 
is part of our everyday lives. Social media’s presence 
is not being overlooked in the hiring world either. According to Jobvite’s 2014 Social Recruiting Survey, 93 percent of recruiters use or plan to use social media to support their recruiting efforts....  read more

Some emerging apps for recruiters

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Thanks to smart phones, we live in an app dominated world. It’s not just for personal use or fun games. Businesses release new apps for their customers every day, and it’s impossible to go to a networking event without seeing people check LinkedIn on their phones. Recruiters are huge proponents of the benefits of using apps to help win the war on talent, but it’s important to know which ones are right for what you’re looking for. Mike Weil, Sourcing Specialist, provides insight on what apps to use before jumping to the app store and improving recruiting efforts.

HR Review: Technology evolves faster than anything else on earth. The websites, social platforms, and apps available for recruiters and job seekers are no exception. Just because Monster, CareerBuilder, Facebook, and LinkedIn are some of the most popular websites right now for those services, they’re not the only ones out there or the newest. And they will eventually be replaced. So, as a recruiter, it’s important that you keep abreast of what’s emerging. A bit of time spent regularly searching for new Apps and job boards could well be worth your time and give you a “got there first” advantage to finding great candidates....  read more

Is Social Recruiting Your Go-To Strategy? (If not, here’s why it should be)

We all know that social media is an integral part of our daily lives. It’s how we connect, interact, share our lives and respond to brands, companies and yes… seek and find jobs and employees. Social media has become a cornerstone of talent acquisition. In fact, according to BPO and outsourcing analyst firm NelsonHall, nine out of 10 companies in the U.S. already utilize some form of social media in their recruiting, while two-thirds of job seekers are using social media to search for employment. This just goes to show that engaging candidates via social channels is indeed a best practice and one you can’t afford to fall behind on. 

In his recent post, Gary Bragar, NelsonHall’s HR Outsourcing Resource Director, commented on their 2014 RPO market analysis, which highlighted the trends toward social recruiting. According to their report, the global shortage of talent predicted for the foreseeable future will cause RPO buyers to continue to seek specialists to attract candidates through social networks. A major purpose is to create a pipeline of passive candidates (i.e., via talent communities) to improve speed, quality of hire and talent retention. His post also cites JobVite’s finding that in 2013, 92% of recruiters made a hire through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the top platform used, followed by Facebook, then closely followed by Twitter, which is growing in usage at the fastest rate....  read more

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