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Going Global? Don’t Forget to Go Local with your Talent Acquisition Strategy

The majority of today’s large organizations have gone global, and many face the challenge of entering into new hiring markets outside the US to acquire top talent. In order to succeed in globalizing one’s talent acquisition strategy, companies need to excel at finding, attracting and retaining diverse talent within a completely new landscape. This process begins with a deep understanding of the cultural job search preferences of the target talent community.

Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions, a theory developed by Geert Hofstede and IBM’s Personnel Department, standardizes five cultural values and provides a baseline through which different cultures can be analyzed and compared. Seven Step used these dimensions to help one of the largest international electronics companies develop localized career pages for use in its recruitment efforts in various parts of the world (throughout Asia Pacific, Central Europe and Latin America). The theory allowed us to incorporate scientific evidence to support our recommendations on why localized career websites are the lynchpin of a successful global talent acquisition strategy....  read more

The Top 5 Headaches Faced by Talent Acquisition Executives

Things are never boring in the RPO business, as each of our clients come with its own set of unique challenges based on industry, geography, and technology. While no two situations are ever the same, over time we’ve seen certain trends emerge across the entire Talent Acquisition universe.

Here are five common headaches Talent Acquisition executives repeatedly face, no matter the industry....  read more

Driving into the digital age – How Seven Step RPO helped a major U.S. automaker master social recruitment

At Seven Step, we don’t look at social recruiting as the bland practice of posting new jobs and related articles to a company’s existing corporate social accounts. Today’s digitally-savvy candidates expect to connect and interact directly with a company’s talent acquisition team, and we have a strong track record of implementing innovative campaigns that accomplish just that.

A couple of years ago, a major U.S. automaker with over 200,000 global employees wanted to implement their own social recruitment program.  The car giant soon discovered this was easier said than done, and realized that dedicated time and manpower were required to run these new candidate-facing social accounts. In order to achieve the type of engagement needed to maintain a dedicated social recruitment platform, the company turned to our experts to assist....  read more

Does Your Talent Acquisition Process Help or Hurt Your Brand? Four Key Mistakes to Avoid

Finding the talent to fill key roles in your company is a perpetual HR challenge—but if your recruitment and application processes aren’t up to snuff, odds are your marketing pros are feeling the pinch, too.

Your colleagues in marketing work hard to develop and maintain a brand that engages your customers, and compels them to act in your favor. That said, your brand goes much deeper than the copy in your ads or the imagery on your website; everything you do as a company contributes to how you’re perceived externally. Employers make deep investments to market their commercial brands and need Talent Acquisition departments to support this investment in the way they engage job applicants. The way you attract—or fail to attract—the target candidate is an inevitable part of the equation. But how you engage the candidates you do not hire is just as important. These candidates may not be future employees, but may still be consumers and/or supporters of your brand....  read more

Seven Step RPO on TLNT – How to Stop Hiring the Wrong People

On Tuesday, TLNT featured a piece by Seven Step’s CEO Beth Gilfeather (@bethgilfeather) on how your organization can stop hiring the wrong people, calling out several interview warning signs you should be aware of.

Here’s a bit of what she had to say:

TLNT: Standardized interviews, questionnaires, complex scoring systems, background checks, drug tests and personality assessments — Corporate America has certainly engineered what should be a fool-proof process to help companies avoid hiring the wrong person....  read more

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