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RPO Requisition Management in Five Simple Steps

Keeping track of requisitions and where each position is in the requisition lifecycle can be a daunting task. Human Resources departments are stretched thin, with employees juggling heavy, multi-faceted workloads. One of the key benefits of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is the efficiency that RPO service providers can bring to the hiring process. Not all RPOs are equally efficient, however. If you are considering hiring an RPO firm, we recommend that you inquire about the process they use to keep you informed and to ensure a seamless workflow that meets your hiring needs in a timely manner.

One successful system utilizes a customizable tool called the “open requisition dashboard.” This tool keeps track of each requisition and provides daily, at-a-glance tracking that shows where each position is in the hiring process. By categorizing the steps into five standardized phases, RPO staff can easily prioritize their day to ensure requisitions flow smoothly. ...  read more

How to Avoid an RPO Governance Shutdown

During the recent government shutdown, a joke making the rounds went something like this: “what if the government closed and no one noticed, or things were even better?” Recently, I’ve been having similar thoughts around RPO governance programs. 

Many of these programs are robust, well planned, and provide real value to both the client company and their provider. Unfortunately, there are also cases where they consist of little more than a few monthly or quarterly reports combined with a broad escalation path for complaints – nothing driving continuous improvement and evolution of the program, and nothing that would be missed if it were shut down....  read more

Lessons Learned from High-Stakes Sports Free Agent Recruiting

In my opinion, we are now in one of the most exciting times of year for professional sports. September is the Major League Baseball season’s final month, and tight pennant races are keeping fans on their toes as playoff match-ups are determined. Sundays are ruled by the NFL, hockey training camps are underway, and the NBA is right around the corner.  If you’re a sports fan, you know that the chatter and analysis of free agent acquisition busts and boons dominate the ESPN airwaves as the four major sports jockey for attention and ratings. So, what can Talent Acquisition leaders learn from the high-stakes free agency process?...  read more

Seven Step RPO Named a Leading Enterprise Provider on HRO Today's 2013 RPO Baker's Dozen List

Seven Step RPO, a leading provider of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services, today announced that it has been named among the top 13 Enterprise providers on HRO Today's highly anticipated 2013 RPO Baker's Dozen list. This is the first time that Seven Step has been ranked as a leading Enterprise RPO provider, as decided by direct feedback from HR executives and buyers of RPO services. Seven Step was formerly ranked among the top midmarket providers, appearing as #1 in the category in 2012.

The annual RPO Baker's Dozen customer satisfaction survey ranks the top players in Enterprise, midmarket, and global RPO based on the breadth of their service, the size of the programs they manage, and performance quality. Seven Step was also ranked #3 among Enterprise providers in the Breadth of Service category, #10 in Size of Deals, #12 in Quality of Service Leaders, and was named the #2 overall top Healthcare provider....  read more

A Time to Celebrate (and Reflect)

Six years ago we founded Seven Step RPO. We were brand new to Recruitment Process Outsourcing and got a crash course on the immense challenges facing the RPO buyer community. We quickly learned what these companies needed from us and also studied the competitive landscape to discover what was (and wasn’t) being addressed by the RPO providers at that time. It was at this point that we saw a huge opportunity in this rapidly growing marketplace and committed ourselves to building something special – a different kind of RPO solution.

And here we are today, ranked 11th overall within HRO Today's Baker’s Dozen of RPO Providers and arriving for the first time on this Top 13 "Enterprise" list. Receiving this high recognition from the client community is an honor and also an enormous milestone for Seven Step. Reflecting back, there are a few things I'm particularly proud of (and today seems like a good day to share them):...  read more

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