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HP's divide, layoff and conquer strategy a challenge for managers

HP CEO Meg Whitman announced layoffs of 30,000 workers in an attempt to refocus and restructure the company. But is it already too late? And how will front-line managers handle retaining and motivating workers?...  read more

Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Find on the Mind

For years, recruitment process outsourcing was viewed as an efficiency play with big companies tapping outside vendors to hire a lot of low-level people as quickly and cheaply as possible. But times, they are a-changin’. Today’s RPOs are being brought in specifically to unearth the hard-to-find talent that companies need to fill highly specialized and critically important roles. ...  read more

One RPO Doesn’t Fit All

When it comes to any business decision, it’s important to make strong choices that align with your company’s brand and growth strategies. After all, what works for Urban Outfitters won’t work for Brooks Brothers. However, we aren’t just talking about attire, client base, and company attitude. It’s no different with RPO. Just because your friend’s company has had tremendous success with the RPO company his/her business employs, does not mean that it would work well for your company. It’s important for businesses to realize that RPOs can vary just as much as clothing store chains. Strategic Director Emily Gordon discusses on The Staffing Stream what to ask internally when considering RPO partners to determine the best match. 

The Staffing Stream: When you’re hiring an RPO, what factors should you consider as you choose a firm that is right for you? As someone who has overseen many RPO solution implementations, I get asked this question pretty often. I find that many companies aren’t aware of the various questions to ask and issues to look at when they’re seeking a great match for their hiring needs.

 ...  read more

RPO Change Management: What to Expect in the First 120 Days

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Have you moved to a new location or transitioned into a new job? Change isn’t easy. In fact it makes a lot of people uneasy. They say there are several stages of grief, but has anyone identified the stages of transitioning to change? With any type of major shift, the transition will always offer challenges to confront whether it’s getting used to a new location or adapting to new management. The recruitment process outsourcing system is no different. Strategic Director, Emily Gordon, discusses on, RPO Change Management: What to Expect in the First 120 Days. 

Recruiter: It’s a fact that no recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) transition is perfect, yet people assume theirs will be. I’ve managed RPO transitions with many clients, and while change is always challenging, it helps to know that there is a predictable pattern to it — a normalcy to the pain you will feel. Part of my work at Seven Step is to hold a full day “change management” meeting with new clients. We have found that nothing beats taking the time to be informed and educated about what to expect as we work toward a mutual goal of aligning a team that hires great talent. ...  read more

How to Recover from a Bad RPO Relationship

Any love-sick teenager will tell you that break-ups are tough to handle, and even harder to get-over. However, this is something that applies to all aspects of life, and doesn’t change as you get older. A break-up of a bad business relationship can be devastating to a business and executives. Things are even worse, when the relationship was toxic (for both teenagers and companies), as it might lead to hesitancy for future relationships. When it comes to a niche industry like RPO, recovering from a bad relationship might even lead to a ‘point of no return’. But it doesn’t have to. Senior Strategic Director Amy Caswell discusses how to recover from a bad RPO relationship, including how it will help future RPO efforts, all without having to Facebook stalk your high school ex.

The Staffing Stream: If you’ve experienced a negative relationship with a RPO provider, chances are you’re wary about jumping into a new one. But just because you had a bad experience, doesn’t mean you’re doomed to repeat it. Great RPO firms understand that when you come to them after a bad break-up, you’re going to have issues that you’re concerned about. There is a way to recover and build a new relationship that effectively meets your company’s hiring needs. How do you do this?

The first step begins before you search for a new RPO partner. Take the time to determine what went wrong and whose responsibility it was. Was it lack of follow up or follow through by the RPO firm? Zero urgency in filling your requisitions? Did they push off too much work on your hiring managers? Send over underqualified candidates? Not screen people well enough? Or were your hiring managers unresponsive or sluggish in providing feedback? Were you asking for too much experience in a candidate for the amount of pay offered? Did you fail to communicate openly and the RPO firm did not know what your true expectations were? Pinpoint the trouble and take a good, hard look at where one or both parties were responsible....  read more

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