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Millennials are in the driver’s seat as companies ramp up hiring

Young people are finally returning to the workplace, the March employment report showed. That means companies will have to make a bigger effort in recruiting. As the job market tightens, how are firms going to get the best recruits?...  read more

6 Tips For The Sourcer-Recruiter

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So, you’ve been hired as a sourcer, one of those stealthy (in a good way!) covert agents who combs through the all-encompassing, open web to locate resumes and phone numbers for candidates who may be completely unaware that their information is out there. You employ keywords, complex strings and niche sources to pinpoint your targets. When done well, you find the next great hire.

Intriguing work, right? Absolutely! But it gets better! Many companies, like Seven Step RPO, where we work, are taking on a new hybrid model where sourcers are also working as recruiters. Understandably, it’s a big change to go from looking up data to picking up the phone and making cold calls! If you’re starting out in this hybrid role, we’ve got some tips to help you succeed:...  read more

3 Keys to Building a Business Case for RPO

You’re thinking about hiring an RPO firm, and you have a wish list for all the ways the company could improve your talent acquisition: best-in-class tools, a more consistent process, improved candidate experience, better candidates, happier hiring managers – all valuable things an RPO firm can bring.

Yes, those are great goals, but if you can’t prove just one thing, I guarantee you that you don’t need RPO. What am I referring to? It’s simple: Return on investment through increased revenue and/or margin.

Now, why is the executive vice president of an RPO firm telling you that you may not need the very services we provide? Because I’ve seen companies eager to jump into a long-term RPO relationship only to find that, when they assess their situations, they can’t prove the business case for it. I don’t want you wasting time or resources on services that you can’t prove will make you money. What I am here for is to help you determine whether you can prove a business case that validates engaging an RPO provider.

So, what do you need to do?...  read more

Talent Acquisition: Earning a Seat at the Table

As resourceful as talent acquisition (TA) is to a company, you have to prove your value and that of TA before you can even consider fraternizing with the big wigs. You can no longer think of yourself and your team as just doers, but as leaders. In environments where TA is a supplier of updates on tasks or executing on initiatives that others create, you have to understand the larger picture and ask yourself these questions:

How does talent acquisition fit into the company’s strategy? How will decisions made by other lines of business affect talent acquisition? What can we do to impact other business units’ success? What are the risks associated with not voicing concerns in a quantifiable and impactful way?

In order to get to the root of this and start setting your place among your peers or higher ranking business leaders, you need to start by acknowledging why Talent Acquisition has not been at the table in the past. If you are in an environment where you have been with a company for a while and TA is an afterthought or only called upon as needed, getting included in these conversations now will take more time but it can be done. Here is how:...  read more

As diversity push intensifies, Pinterest is latest to hire chief of inclusion

As diversity comes under the microscope in the tech industry, Pinterest has become the latest company to appoint a head of diversity to help redress hiring and retention of women and underrepresented minorities.

But as tight competition in tech hiring persists, many companies are applying pressure to diversity initiatives that will intensify in 2016. Especially for well-established companies, changing the culture can take more than installing a diversity head. ...  read more

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