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Three Ways To Stay Competitive In The War For Talent

Be competitive.  This mantra drives and motivates businesses in every single aspect and department of the company’s current and future plans and developments – from sales to advertising to hiring at the entry level to the executive division. However, there is a big difference between being competitive and competing the right way with a well thought-out plan. Featured on, Business Development Manager James Holt has identified the challenges and keys to success when it comes to the competitiveness of hiring. There are multiple factors that indicate the war for talent is once again heating up. The recovering economy is bolstering people’s ability to refocus on employer choice and career advancement. Retiring baby boomers are driving gaps in key talent markets – particularly in the health care and finance fields. The move toward re-shoring/on-shoring in manufacturing is exacting a demand for highly skilled engineers and tech talent that simply does not exist in the United States. A vacuum of talent puts critical roles in many industries at a premium. Competition is fierce....  read more

Seven Step RPO on TLNT - Big Data is Hot, But Sometimes, Small Data Is the Better Way to Go

On Monday, TLNT featured a piece by Seven Step's Vice President of Client Services Jason Berkowitz (@jaybz) discussing the use of small data in recruiting.

Here's a bit of what he had to say:

TLNT: The recruiting and HR world has been awash for the last year with talk about Big Data.

It seems everywhere you turn you read another article describing how all your hiring problems will be solved if you can simply sift through the massive stream of data generated by your recruiting process to find nuggets of truth.

While I don’t disagree that Big Data holds promise (heck, I’ve even spoken on the topic at several HR conferences) I think the rush to embrace Big Data may cause us to overlook the wisdom of SMALL Data.

Just what is “small data?”

What do I mean by Small Data? If Big Data is characterized by massive data sets and the quest for statistical significance, Small Data is exactly the opposite — tiny data sets and the quest for anecdotal evidence....  read more

2012 RPO Baker's Dozen: Thank You!

Last week, Seven Step was named to HRO Today's 2012 RPO Baker's Dozen, landing the top spot in trade publication's list of mid-market RPO providers. This is the second year in a row we've been named to the list. Twice already in five years of doing business!

HRO Today develops the RPO Baker's Dozen list based on survey responses from hundreds of RPO buyers. The survey addresses RPO service breadth, recruitment performance, and overall RPO service quality. To make the list, you have to have clients who value what you do, and who appreciate the way you do it. So to us, making the 2012 RPO Baker's Dozen is something of an affirmation. It tells us that, in the eyes of the people who matter most, we seem to be doing something right.

So for that, to all of our clients, we want to say "thank you." We're extremely grateful for your willingness to share your experiences with us, and – especially – for the opportunity to serve you in the first place. We're looking forward to doing even more to earn your support and trust in the coming year!

Sourcing Innovation: Find & Be Found

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A recent article titled Are You Finding Talent or Is Talent Finding You? got our wheels turning. The article analyzed the technology-driven changes that have occurred in recruiting over the past 20 years, from the days of candidates flipping through the Sunday classifieds to today's job aggregators that allow candidates job access from endless sources and ensure that they're a proper fit through keyword and role-specific search terms.    

As a firm with a twenty-plus year heritage in the recruiting business, we agreed with many of the points made. We also had plenty of thoughts to add on regarding the "find and be found" mentality described in the article. While we pride ourselves on our skills using advanced search to find qualified candidates, we also pride ourselves on creating the buzz that leads potential candidates to find potential employers (like our clients). Here are some of the ideas that stuck out most:

SoMo. Social media and mobile communications are becoming more popular in recruiting, both for candidates and hiring managers. ...  read more

Recruitment Innovation: Size Doesn't Matter

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Recently, an executive from one of our larger clients visited the Seven Step delivery center, and while she was here, led a meeting with the recruitment teams assigned to her business. She used the time to flesh out her teams' understanding of her company's unique mission, business model, and culture. It was a great meeting.

Her thoughts on "innovation" were particularly interesting. In her company, they draw a clear distinction between "big-I Innovation" and "little-i innovation." Her point was simple: innovation comes in a number of ways, and innovations don't have to be paradigm-shifting to be important. The accumulation of small breakthrough ideas matters, too. She stressed that companies need to pay attention to both the "big I" and the "little i" if they want to build a truly progressive culture.

I agree. In fact, Seven Step's genesis was a small idea that quickly grew into something quite big. Seven Step knows well how much the "little i" matters. We believe that the accumulation of "little i's" can be much more powerful than the rare "big I." In baseball terms, we believe in winning by getting on base as frequently as possible. Homeruns certainly have their place, but relying on homeruns exclusively isn't a winning strategy....  read more

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