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Rebuilding Your Internal Recruiting Program: What you need to consider

As a business development professional employed by an RPO solutions company, I have the opportunity to speak with experienced, senior-level talent acquisition leaders on a regular basis.While it’s always my hope that a burning desire to engage in an RPO partnership prompts them to take my call, I more often find individuals that are carrying the cross of rebuilding broken internal recruiting programs. 

It’s obvious, at first, that they are determined to go alone, come hell or high water, and maybe at some point down the road when they have a "better process in place" they will finally feel comfortable handing the task of hiring off to someone like us. They don’t necessarily want a solution, so much as they’re seeking insight. How does what I would be doing stack up against what you’re doing and what the rest of our peers are doing?

Well, here is some insight for you: You don’t need to go at it by yourself. Rather than trying to fix broken internal recruiting programs on sweat equity and good intentions, instead, assess your surroundings and use resources that are around you. There’s a lot to gain for the price of a conversation. Here are a few examples:...  read more

Mobile Recruiting: 3 Ways to Make It Work for Your Company

In the modern job market, candidates expect to be able to search, view and apply for jobs right from their smartphones. As a result, mobile recruiting has become a hot topic among businesses, especially those who are just starting to ramp up their hiring efforts.

Smaller companies may be on the fence about investing in a mobile-optimized hiring process, but if you want to draw in today's top talent, you'll need to reach them where they are. Business News Daily spoke with Jason Berkowitz, Vice President of client services at Seven Step RPO, on why recruiting has gone mobile, and how you can make it work for you....  read more

Good To Meet

Do you struggle to fill niche positions? Are the candidates you want being targeted by every recruiter out there? If you’ve tried every recruiting tactic in the book and still can’t get their attention, a “meetup” may be your new secret strategy. Why? It gives you the opportunity to gather a group of highly-focused, highly-qualified candidates without blatantly recruiting them. It works because you provide a thought leadership experience they won’t forget. 

I have had success running meetups for Fortune 500 companies and find that they are one of the most cost effective ways to both market your employment brand and provide a valuable experience to potential candidates. But, before you jump in, be warned: there are rules to play by. 

What is a meetup?

 If you’re not familiar with a meetup, they are happening in your locale via For a very nominal monthly fee, the site allows you to host a group that is focused on a common interest. Then your client/company can sponsor events to bring those people together. While there are all kinds of meetups, the type you want to focus on are networking events with industry thought leaders (hint: preferably your thought leader is a senior executive from your company/client). These thought leaders provide an inside track on the latest industry developments – and if you happen to be in a fast-evolving industry like IT, this is highly coveted knowledge. ...  read more

How to Start a Candidate Community that Attracts Top Talent

So, a talented potential employee visits your career site. They may or may not apply. If they don’t apply, how do you get them to return? Recruitment today is all about courting candidates by building long-term relationships with them. And if you’re not providing these candidates with a community to join, you are losing a chance to engage them and possibly drive them to your competitors. Now is the time to create a community that attracts top talent.

How can your company start a candidate community? When someone visits your career site, they will be invited to sign up by name and email to receive further communication from your company. This lets you track potentially interested candidates and provides them the opportunity to learn more about your company. It is your chance to keep your employment brand in front of candidates with the intention that when they are ready, they will apply to a job....  read more

How to Hire Visionaries for High-growth Companies

If you’re a funded startup, in a turnaround, experiencing an uptick in growth, going through an acquisition, or on the cusp of something new that will change your business dramatically — hiring visionary people who can lead your company through growth can be a major challenge. When I worked at a well-known fashion company, the business planned to open 500 new stores within two years. I was tasked with hiring an inventory manager who could handle the current workload while making sure this person would be able to triple their workflow and amount of responsibility in the near future. Then and since I’ve worked for Seven Step, I have often had to figure out how to get people to trust me and inspire them to take a journey with a growing company that is more promise than anything else....  read more

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