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Recruitment Innovation: Size Doesn't Matter

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Recently, an executive from one of our larger clients visited the Seven Step delivery center, and while she was here, led a meeting with the recruitment teams assigned to her business. She used the time to flesh out her teams' understanding of her company's unique mission, business model, and culture. It was a great meeting.

Her thoughts on "innovation" were particularly interesting. In her company, they draw a clear distinction between "big-I Innovation" and "little-i innovation." Her point was simple: innovation comes in a number of ways, and innovations don't have to be paradigm-shifting to be important. The accumulation of small breakthrough ideas matters, too. She stressed that companies need to pay attention to both the "big I" and the "little i" if they want to build a truly progressive culture.

I agree. In fact, Seven Step's genesis was a small idea that quickly grew into something quite big. Seven Step knows well how much the "little i" matters. We believe that the accumulation of "little i's" can be much more powerful than the rare "big I." In baseball terms, we believe in winning by getting on base as frequently as possible. Homeruns certainly have their place, but relying on homeruns exclusively isn't a winning strategy....  read more

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