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Five Emerging Trends in Global Recruiting to Act on Now

As technology and business advance, the world feels like a smaller place. Today’s recruiters need to be global agents in sourcing, assessing, and securing top talent from multiple countries and regions. Macro and micro shifts in recruiting require talent acquisition (TA) professionals to expand their expertise, thinking and working in new ways. The following are five emerging trends in global recruiting that require our attention and action....  read more

Relationship advice for recruiters and candidates

In today’s competitive market, candidates need the help of recruiters now more than ever. In order for candidates and recruiters to work cohesively in matching candidates with employers, a strong relationship built on trust needs to be established early.

Relationship building may seem like an obvious component in the recruiting world, however, recruiters who struggle with successfully building relationships could improve if they had some direction on how they can build stronger relationships with candidates – directly impacting their effectiveness as recruiters.

Recruiters must embody certain characteristics and embrace certain practices for the relationship to work and gain the cooperation of candidates. The recommendations for relationship building that are provided below are intended to help recruiters earn the cooperation of candidates, and be seen as trusted advisors to them as they work together to find the right job for candidates....  read more

Facebook at Work set to take on Yammer, Jive and Slack

Very much like the standard version of Facebook which has over a billion users, the enterprise version called Facebook at Work will also be a success and enjoy similar popularity, believe experts. Facebook at Work is meant to foster collaboration within a business. It serves as a means for co-workers to communicate with one another at the same company.

This is not Facebook's first attempt to reach out to professionals. In 2010, the company introduced Branchout, an app which was aimed at creating a professional network inside Facebook. In 2014, Hearst Corporation announced that it had acquired the Branchout team.

Speaking to IBTimes UK, Sara Jane Jones, Senior Manager, Sourcing Operations at Seven Step RPO, a global recruitment process outsourcing company that works with large organisations, said: "Enterprise social networking has grown into an industry, so it would make sense to see the continued growth of these companies as well as new ones popping up in the not so distant future."...  read more

Rebuilding Your Internal Recruiting Program: What you need to consider

As a business development professional employed by an RPO solutions company, I have the opportunity to speak with experienced, senior-level talent acquisition leaders on a regular basis.While it’s always my hope that a burning desire to engage in an RPO partnership prompts them to take my call, I more often find individuals that are carrying the cross of rebuilding broken internal recruiting programs. 

It’s obvious, at first, that they are determined to go alone, come hell or high water, and maybe at some point down the road when they have a "better process in place" they will finally feel comfortable handing the task of hiring off to someone like us. They don’t necessarily want a solution, so much as they’re seeking insight. How does what I would be doing stack up against what you’re doing and what the rest of our peers are doing?

Well, here is some insight for you: You don’t need to go at it by yourself. Rather than trying to fix broken internal recruiting programs on sweat equity and good intentions, instead, assess your surroundings and use resources that are around you. There’s a lot to gain for the price of a conversation. Here are a few examples:...  read more

Reducing Candidate Dropout: 5 things recruiters can do

As a recruiter, there's nothing more satisfying than helping a valued client hire the perfect candidate. Conversely, it can be a major challenge when an ideal candidate that you have been working closely with, and are about to place, drops out of the recruiting process.

At this point, you ask yourself, "What happened?" There could be a laundry list of factors that go into the candidate's decision not to take the job with your client. Rather than focusing on the entire laundry list, you should focus on the factors you can influence so candidates side with you and your recruitment expertise.

The job search process can be a roller coaster ride for many candidates when changing companies, careers, or entering the workforce for the first time. By acknowledging this reality and appealing to decision factors that matter most to candidates, you can reduce candidate dropout, recruit more, and best of all, delight your clients.


 ...  read more

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