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Class / Volume Hiring Tips for Recruiters

Class hiring, which is when companies hire multiples of the same position to start on the same date can be a challenge for recruiters, as there are so many factors to consider in such a project. Strategic Director Donna DeCosta provides recruiters with a few tips on how to best succeed in such a project, as featured on  read more

Three Key Elements of Successful Recruitment Training Programs

Imagine a newly minted doctor deciding that she knew everything she’d ever need to know about medicine simply because she had completed her formal education and residency. That would be ridiculous, right? In most professions, it’s understood that continuing education is required to keep your skills up-to-date. Professional training programs, annual certifications, and industry conferences exist for just that purpose.

Unfortunately, recruitment seems to be a discipline that often fails to live up to this standard. When we talk to potential clients about their RPO needs, we often ask about their existing recruitment training programs. Most admit that there’s not much there. If training for their internal recruiters is offered at all, it's infrequent, and typically utilizes generic third-party programs that aren’t tailored to the company's culture and processes. Consciously or not, it seems that many companies expect internal recruiters to come to them with an in-place body of skills, and that, like with our misguided doctor above, these skills are the only ones they’ll really ever need.

They’re wrong. Recruiting changes as rapidly as any other professional discipline – maybe even more so – and with talent-war success growing in bottom-line importance, it makes no sense to rely on skills that might be years, or even decades out of date....  read more

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