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Candidate Sourcing in a Niche Market

Niche, in a business sense, refers to a “specialized market.” I like to think of sourcing in a niche market as finding a purple squirrel for every job opening. It’s like starting with your back against the wall every time – and it’s hard. Before you feel overwhelmed and frustrated, here are some tips.

Become An Expert

The first step in sourcing in a niche market is to become an expert. Research everything, learn everything, KNOW everything. Become one with your niche. Now this part is crucial: create a sourcing map. This map will list every competitor, niche job board, community, conference, allegiance, Meetup group, personal connection, connection of connections, LinkedIn group, Facebook group, Twitter list, and every-single source that could possibly assist your recruiting effort in any way. Save that list. Study that list. Know where these people come from, what they do, how they do it, and who they do it with. I repeat, become one with your niche....  read more

The Three L’s of Recruiting and Sourcing

“Location, location, location.” It's a phrase best known in real estate that could be better known in recruiting. Just as a great location can add value to a home's asking price, geographical insights can add value to sourcing and recruiting efforts. Recruiters can use these three tips to get their opportunities on the map:

Take the Road Less Traveled

Most recruiters have already honed in on the top cities for sourcing talent in their industries. It's no secret that San Francisco is teeming with tech talent and that Washington, D.C. is lined with lawyers. But who wants to compete for candidates in a crowded hiring market? At Seven Step, we take the road less traveled to find new talent first. Watching the moves of top industry players is a great way to chart your course. Top players are moving out of industry hubs in search of new cities that are – or soon will be – playing host to untapped talent. Follow them to destinations like D.C., where technology talent is expected to cross over from the public to the private sector as government employment declines. Or skip the major metropolises altogether and head to Binghamton, New York or Virginia Beach, Virginia, where engineers are abundant and competition is in short supply. Paying attention to where the top players are opening new offices or announcing layoffs can lead to big pay offs for your sourcing efforts....  read more

Beating the Manufacturing Skills Crunch

There seems to be no end in sight for the severe worker shortage being faced in the manufacturing industry. According to CareerBuilder’s Supply and Demand Portal data, job growth in manufacturing has increased 89 percent from September 2010 to August, 2012 – an increase of nearly 70,000 jobs. And of those jobs, the five most difficult types to fill, based on supply over demand, were:

  • CNC programmers
  • Tool and die makers
  • CNC machinists
  • CAD/CAM technicians
  • Engineers & sales engineers

With highly specialized needs like CAD design, modern production management, and tools fabrication, how can manufacturers find the right employees to fill these openings? We pulled together a well-rounded list of tactics to differentiate your company in a small, hypercompetitive recruitment environment....  read more

Snapshot: Social Recruiting

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Social recruiting is a topic that is certainly abuzz, but how advanced are recruiters and applicants when it comes to actually making it work? Where are the crowds, and what social networks offer the best platform for recruiting?

In their 2012 annual social recruiting survey, Jobvite found that more than 9 in 10 are currently using social media for recruiting – and 73 percent have made a successful hire that way. Along with Bullhorn, Inc in their report An Inside Look at Social Recruiting in the USA, Jobvite also found that LinkedIn was by and far the most popular site for social recruiting and job posting.

Here’s a breakdown of how recruiters are currently using the most popular social networks for talent acquisition, what recruiters should be doing and what to look for in the coming months:...  read more

IT Hiring on the Rise

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A recent study by Dice confirmed a trend that many of us have known for a while - finding good IT help is becoming harder and harder. In the study, Dice found that 73 percent of IT-focused recruiters and hiring managers expect companies to hire additional tech staff in the second part of 2012. This number is even larger at startups, where 83 percent plan to increase their IT staff over the next year.

This is great news for IT professionals who, in a still-struggling economy, are likely to make more money, be given better benefits, and because of demand, have the opportunity to jump to another employer offering more a more competitive package than their current employer. However, for recruiters and companies on the hunt for competent IT professionals, we now face a tougher market. In order to not only recruit the best candidates, but also retain current employees - it’s vital for companies to assess their IT needs now and appropriately plan ahead to account for the smaller and more selective IT talent pool that awaits.

To help you get organized and prepared for future IT hiring demands, here are a couple tips:...  read more

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