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Recruiting: Take care not to overlook the quiet candidates

When it comes to relationships, the old adage has always been ‘opposites attract’, but do they in the work place? How do the creative and financial departments work together? What about morning people and night owls? Do extroverts work well with introverts? Some hiring managers would theorize that an effective hire is someone who is willing to speak up, say their mind, and represent the extroverts all over the world. However, smart hiring managers recognize that there is a need to hire both extroverts and introverts. Strategic Director Krista Williams, a noted extrovert, discusses the benefits of hiring introverts, and how they help balance teams, as featured in HR Morning. 

HR Morning:  I am an extrovert. I ask questions. I share experiences. I am usually the loudest voice in the room even when I try to sit on my hands (I am Italian) and not speak. I’m like a bottle of champagne trying not to pop my cork. I can start a conversation with anyone and figure out a sustainable topic that we can chat about for an extended, almost ridiculous, period of time....  read more

7 Talent Acquisition Metrics Your CHRO Really Cares About

Two of the most popular business buzzwords of the past five-ten years, in every industry, are analytics and metrics, even if those concepts have been around since the first ever day of work. However, with so many different options for metrics in place, how do senior executives navigate the landscape and decide what is worthwhile and what is a waste of time? For the HR space, and Chief HR Officers (CHRO) in particular, Strategic Director Emily Gordon has used her experience and expertise to identify the only seven recruitment metrics that matter, and why they are so important, as featured in TLNT. 

TLNT: Metrics enable you to gauge the overall health of your talent acquisition process. Chief HR Officers have certain KPIs (key performance indicators) that they report on. The following are ones they watch as these metrics provide deeper insight into the performance and business impact of your talent management system. Some of these metrics are standard, some are not; taken as a whole, they create a broad report of where improvement can impact the bottom line and drive value for HR in the C-suite....  read more

You’ve Been Asked to Start a Veteran Hiring Program. Now What?

With Memorial Day coming up, military veteran hiring is a very topical subject matter within the HR industry. There are a lot of benefits when hiring veterans, as they have strong leadership and teamwork skills, character, structure and discipline, and loyalty. Companies also really enjoy promoting the fact that they hire veterans. Strategic Director Krista Williams used her background in veteran hiring to write about the next steps and potential tips for companies who have implemented a veteran hiring program, as featured in Recruiting Trends.

Recruiting Trends: If you’ve been asked to start a veteran/military hiring program, there are some important issues to be aware of before you put your program into place. In my work with clients, I help them develop effective strategies to create veteran hiring initiatives that tap into the great source of talent that our ex-military community offers. One thing I’ve seen, though, is a tendency for companies to think hiring vets is as simple as deciding to do so. Not so! ...  read more

How to Configure an ATS for Success

Jason Berkowitz, VP of Client Services at Seven Step RPO, believes that Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can be difficult for all kinds of hiring managers and recruiters alike as they have to be prepared for everything and anything involved in the process. Jason offers some tips for the configuration process of an ATS in OnRec that can help tackle even the toughest challenges involving ATS.

OnRec: After months of evaluating ATS, the decision of which one to select may seem like the end of a very tiring journey. However, selecting the ATS is only the beginning of the journey. Decisions around setup and configuration are, in many cases, more important than the decision of which tool to purchase....  read more

Seven Step RPO on HRO Today: Rx: RPO

HRO Today recently featured a piece by Seven Step's Strategic Director Katie Calhoun discussing hiring in the healthcare field.

Here's a bit of what she had to say:

HRO Today: The healthcare sector has emerged as a bright spot on the national employment scene: The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the industry adding an average of 17,000 new jobs to the economy each month in 2013. But as healthcare professionals flourish in today’s job market, their employers face mounting challenges: an ever-changing regulatory environment, the evolution of patient care, and fierce competition for talent.

A perfect storm is brewing:

  • The Affordable Care Act is expected to bring 32 million new patients into the fold in 2014, leaving healthcare companies scrambling to build out their ranks.
  • An anticipated 45,000 physician shortage reported by the AAMC Center for Workforce Studies over the next decade is pushing healthcare companies to pursue clinical nurses to fill the gap.
  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is anticipating a 60 percent rise in demand for registered nurses between 2008 and 2018, but there are simply not enough candidates to meet this growing need.

...  read more

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