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Good To Meet

Do you struggle to fill niche positions? Are the candidates you want being targeted by every recruiter out there? If you’ve tried every recruiting tactic in the book and still can’t get their attention, a “meetup” may be your new secret strategy. Why? It gives you the opportunity to gather a group of highly-focused, highly-qualified candidates without blatantly recruiting them. It works because you provide a thought leadership experience they won’t forget. 

I have had success running meetups for Fortune 500 companies and find that they are one of the most cost effective ways to both market your employment brand and provide a valuable experience to potential candidates. But, before you jump in, be warned: there are rules to play by. 

What is a meetup?

 If you’re not familiar with a meetup, they are happening in your locale via For a very nominal monthly fee, the site allows you to host a group that is focused on a common interest. Then your client/company can sponsor events to bring those people together. While there are all kinds of meetups, the type you want to focus on are networking events with industry thought leaders (hint: preferably your thought leader is a senior executive from your company/client). These thought leaders provide an inside track on the latest industry developments – and if you happen to be in a fast-evolving industry like IT, this is highly coveted knowledge. ...  read more

Have We Forgotten About the Hiring Manager?

Recruiting presents a very unique sales challenge.  Unlike selling software or business services (where there is distinctly only one buyer and one seller), recruiting actually has two buyers and two sellers. The candidate and the hiring manager will each wear both hats at many points during the hiring process. Given they must both sell and buy in order for a successful outcome, shouldn’t this indicate an equal amount of accountability?

So why does the focus always seem to be on the candidates (and less so the hiring managers)? Most certainly this is because top talent is in short supply and strong demand right now. And while this hyper focus on candidates is completely warranted, it can sometimes result in less focus on the hiring managers. As a provider of RPO solutions, we hear all too often from our prospects that their recruiting resources are not doing enough to provide hiring managers with the recruitment guidance and partnership they need....  read more

How to Help Hiring Managers Sell The Position

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sent a well-qualified, enthusiastic candidate in for an interview only to have them come back and report that they had a horrible experience and would never want to work at that company. If this is happening to you, you need to pay more attention to training your hiring managers on how to sell the position to candidates.

Does it sound like I’ve got it vice-versa? Shouldn’t the candidate be the one worried about impressing the hiring manager? In today’s employment environment, candidates have top choice for where they choose to work. This means you have to sell them on your company and on the person they will work for if they’re hired. Your hiring managers are a linchpin in this process....  read more

How to Start a Candidate Community that Attracts Top Talent

So, a talented potential employee visits your career site. They may or may not apply. If they don’t apply, how do you get them to return? Recruitment today is all about courting candidates by building long-term relationships with them. And if you’re not providing these candidates with a community to join, you are losing a chance to engage them and possibly drive them to your competitors. Now is the time to create a community that attracts top talent.

How can your company start a candidate community? When someone visits your career site, they will be invited to sign up by name and email to receive further communication from your company. This lets you track potentially interested candidates and provides them the opportunity to learn more about your company. It is your chance to keep your employment brand in front of candidates with the intention that when they are ready, they will apply to a job....  read more

Is Social Media Recruiting Dead?

A year ago, reports revealed that only 2 percent of large brands' Facebook posts were reaching their fans, and one Forrester analyst lamented the death of social media's organic reach. But does the same hold true for social media recruiting?

What does Emily Gordon, strategic director at Seven Steven RPO think? Here's what she said on

"Of course, use caution when using email and social media. Nobody likes spam, and flooding potential candidates' social media feeds or inboxes with job postings can be a surefire way to kill the success of your social media outreach."

To read the full article on please click here.  ...  read more

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