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No Degree, No Problem: Updating the approach to candidate qualifications

Professional services firms Ernst & Young (EY), Deloitte, and PricewaterhouseCoopers made headlines recently when their U.K. affiliates publicized the decision to de-emphasize formal education in the recruitment process. Deloitte will be hiding the name of the candidate’s university from recruiters in its search for entry-level talent and EY eliminated the requirement of a college degree altogether. Both of the firms cited the need to diversify their talent pool as the impetus for their policy shift, as well as a desire to focus on the candidate’s attributes that positively correlate with strong job performance....  read more

From ‘transactional’ to ‘strategic’

Bill Ingram, executive vice president of Seven Step RPO, has more than 20 years experience in the recruiting industry. HRO Today Global approached Ingram to get some insider analysis on the state of RPO right now in Europe—so HR practitioners can understand what potential vendors’ take on the situation is right now. Here are his insights:

Question: Can you give me a “lay of the land” in the RPO space right now in Europe, e.g., U.K. versus Europe maturity, demographic impact, economics – and how that affects recruiting and RPO?

Answer: RPO in the U.K. is currently very project or partial scope orientated. There are a large number of second- and third-generation buyers mid-contract, which squeezes the size and scope of first generation deals in the country down. The U.K. is the most mature RPO market in Europe, and the mainland has some catching up to do in the number and volume of deals that can be executed. I think there is scope for multi-country European deals, but not necessarily involving the U.K. I think RPO growth within Europe will be driven mainly by German and French headquartered businesses, incorporating their interests across mainland Europe. I think the project/partial scope trend, whether that be employer branding, analytics or sourcing, will continue to grow. We will also continue to see large enterprise deals over taking second and third generation ones that are not automatically renewing their existing suppliers. Both talent acquistion and procurement functions appear much keener, ensuring that they are receiving all the latest bells and whistles no matter how comfortable they are with their existing supplier....  read more

Mobile Recruiting: 3 Ways to Make It Work for Your Company

In the modern job market, candidates expect to be able to search, view and apply for jobs right from their smartphones. As a result, mobile recruiting has become a hot topic among businesses, especially those who are just starting to ramp up their hiring efforts.

Smaller companies may be on the fence about investing in a mobile-optimized hiring process, but if you want to draw in today's top talent, you'll need to reach them where they are. Business News Daily spoke with Jason Berkowitz, Vice President of client services at Seven Step RPO, on why recruiting has gone mobile, and how you can make it work for you....  read more

What L.A. can expect with its new minimum wage hike

With the city of Los Angeles raising its minimum wage, many are worried how this may impact a business' bottom line. Los Angeles isn't the first city to raise the minimum wage. We've already seen cities like San Francisco, Chicago, and Seattle approve increases and dozens more are considering doing the same. 

With wages increasing, companies are going to have to come up with creative ways to retain attrition and manage hiring. Many companies will have to take an internal look at their recruiting tactics as they are feeling pressure to increase their internal wages for entry level positions. ...  read more

Volvo Car to Build First U.S. Car Plant in South Carolina

Volvo Car Corp later this year will break ground on a $500 million factory in the U.S. and this deal could lead to 4,000 direct jobs in South Carolina, where unemployment is falling but remains higher than national rates. In recent years, we have seen the automotive industry be a front runner in increasing jobs nationally and internationally. Volvo’s expansion is one of the many corporations that has contributed to job growth in the U.S. 

The South is becoming a popular destination for automotive investment and has the potential to compete with the “magnet” factory areas like Mexico. According to Paul Harty, president of the Boston-based recruitment firm Seven Step RPO, “There is a war for manufacturing talent and the South sells well.” ...  read more

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