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Information Driving RPO Growth Plans in 2014

Believe it or not, the year is already halfway over. Some can interpret that this means that this year’s trends are already fleshed out and determined, so we should just sit back and watch them take shape. However, that’s not always the case. Recruitment Process Outsourcing, for example, is a very fluid trending topic, which means that trends either get formed later on than other industries, and/or they are always changing.

Information Service Group (ISG), a leading technology insights, market intelligence and advisory company has written an article based around the five trends driving RPO growth plans in 2014. Seven Step RPO was one of a few RPO companies who provided their insights and expertise in addition to discussing the industry trends of 2014, including the importance of the following:

1.       Strategies to attract talent reflect a significant competitive opportunity for RPO providers.

2.       Globalizing and centralizing RPO models is critical to growth.

3.       Specializing in an industry answers client needs.

4.       Clients accelerate adoption of talent acquisition technology.

5.       Blended RPO is gaining interest. 

You can read more specific details and a more thorough overview of each point, including Seven Step RPO’s thoughts on highlighting employment branding or employee value proposition on ISG: Trends Driving RPO Growth Plans in 2014.  ...  read more

Does Your Talent Acquisition Process Help or Hurt Your Brand? Four Key Mistakes to Avoid

Finding the talent to fill key roles in your company is a perpetual HR challenge—but if your recruitment and application processes aren’t up to snuff, odds are your marketing pros are feeling the pinch, too.

Your colleagues in marketing work hard to develop and maintain a brand that engages your customers, and compels them to act in your favor. That said, your brand goes much deeper than the copy in your ads or the imagery on your website; everything you do as a company contributes to how you’re perceived externally. Employers make deep investments to market their commercial brands and need Talent Acquisition departments to support this investment in the way they engage job applicants. The way you attract—or fail to attract—the target candidate is an inevitable part of the equation. But how you engage the candidates you do not hire is just as important. These candidates may not be future employees, but may still be consumers and/or supporters of your brand....  read more

LinkedIn’s New Look: Brand Pages Follow the Candidate Experience Trend

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The focus on the candidate experience has been one of the defining changes for our industry over the past couple years. How a candidate feels about their recruitment experience can often be the key determination in whether or not they choose to accept a job offer. And often times their experience gets out to other candidates through social media and has a profound impact on an employment brand. With that in mind, good recruiters know that personalization is key. Having an open, two way dialogue with a prospect and a tailored message will always yield better results. Recruiters have been tailoring the application experience by building job-type specific career pages with tailored information, and by using a candidate's historical data to deliver appropriate content and even match past applicants with new jobs.

As recruiters, social media has played an increasingly large role in the candidate experience, and LinkedIn is arguably the most popular channel for recruiting. Recently the Company announced plans for a major overhaul to the layout of one of their main features, corporate brand pages. We were pleased to see that the new look of the brand pages are geared towards improving the end user's experience – a change driven by many of the same factors as candidate experience....  read more

Rules of Engagement

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Recruiting is all about relationships. When it comes to engaging candidates, the landscape is continuously changing. Years ago, no one used LinkedIn, no one used Twitter. Social media has fundamentally altered the environment in which we recruit. But outside of social media, there are other factors that illustrate this point. According to the most recent Career Xroads Source of Hire Report survey, employee referrals are still a top source of hire. The report also shows an increase in social media hires.

Being a sourcing professional myself, I'm always eager for this report to come out each year as a way to benchmark our clients against "the norm", but from an engagement standpoint we can see that it is the relationship that influences the hire. We've also seen that companies with a strong brand connection can see hires from aggregators that rely on SEO increase as much as 500% in recent years. Job boards are less of a starting destination as they are a landing page for a quick Google search. Brands with a strong connection can receive immediate engagement from applicants.

Basically it all boils down to one very simple formula:...  read more

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