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Talent Acquisition Leaders and their ATS: No Love Connection

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are the tools that everyone loves to hate. Recruiters complain about them and candidates don't know how to use them. For system administrators, there's always a new upgrade, yet, the headaches never seem to get any better.

Some of the most common complaints from talent acquisition professionals are the lack of adoption by stakeholders (HR, hiring managers, leaders), the inability of the ATS to provide insightful report data, and its cumbersome user experience.

For candidates, the complaints are often about the cumbersome application experience and the length of time needed to complete them.

In the RPO business, we are expected to perform no matter what ATS platform an organization uses – or if they use one at all. During an RPO transition, many of these key ATS issues can be identified and even eliminated within a few days. Based on my experience, many of the headaches created by the ATS are self-imposed. It's not necessarily the product's fault; however, it's likely linked to how the ATS was implemented. If you hate your ATS, I have great news – it can be fixed!...  read more

What Does Your Talent Acquisition Scorecard Look Like?

A report card will bring you back – way back. And for most of the working world it’s a measurement we’re happy to be rid of. Although the way we measure business processes tends to be a bit different, the report card concept has stuck around for business benchmarking.

When it comes to talent acquisition, an analysis of how a company’s current sourcing approach holds up in comparison to the competition and other top-choice employers is a good tool to inform future sourcing strategy. There are a number of sourcing-effectiveness criteria that we measure at Seven Step, and they are constantly evolving as new candidate communication channels and expectations arise.

Would your current candidate sourcing strategy fall in the “A” range, or come closer to a “C”? Check out some of the subjects that we think talent acquisition professionals might need to apply themselves to:...  read more

Optimizing Your Career Site with the Candidate Experience in Mind

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Swedish recruitment market research firm PotentialPark’s annual survey, confirmed a trend that has quickly crept up on the recruiting industry: candidate experience. Although this survey, in particular, is from the perspective of recent graduates and college students the same holds true for most job applicants. They want tailored and digestible information, quick answers about available jobs, insight into the employer and brand culture and multiple channels to communicate.

The survey found that 86 percent of young job seekers make use of company career sites, more than half (56 percent) expect to find a company on Facebook, and 69 percent expect you to be on LinkedIn. What we must consider, as recruiters, is that hiring professionals from a range of ages, skill sets and geographic locations can only be achieved by a targeted and positive candidate experience....  read more

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