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How to Start a Candidate Community that Attracts Top Talent

The better relationships you build with candidates the better chances you have of finding the right people in your prospective talent pool when you need them. One of the best ways to engage candidates and build relationships with them is to provide them with a talent community. If you haven’t started one, now is the time to do so.


What is a talent community? When someone visits your career site and is invited to sign up to receive communications from your company, they are being invited into your talent community. This lets you track potentially interested candidates and provide opportunities for them to learn more about your company. It also keeps your employment brand front and center so that when candidates are ready, they will apply to a job. (Just to be clear, this is not a social community, such as brands’ customer community where there is interaction between customers and brand agents.)...  read more

Don’t get ghosted after your next job interview

Talk to any professional in New York City and you’ll likely hear a similar story. Being ignored by a hiring manager after an interview — i.e., “job ghosting” — may be universal, but that doesn’t mean it’s not unprofessional, annoying and unsettling. Here, some ways to cope when it happens to you....  read more

Reducing Candidate Dropout: 5 things recruiters can do

As a recruiter, there's nothing more satisfying than helping a valued client hire the perfect candidate. Conversely, it can be a major challenge when an ideal candidate that you have been working closely with, and are about to place, drops out of the recruiting process.

At this point, you ask yourself, "What happened?" There could be a laundry list of factors that go into the candidate's decision not to take the job with your client. Rather than focusing on the entire laundry list, you should focus on the factors you can influence so candidates side with you and your recruitment expertise.

The job search process can be a roller coaster ride for many candidates when changing companies, careers, or entering the workforce for the first time. By acknowledging this reality and appealing to decision factors that matter most to candidates, you can reduce candidate dropout, recruit more, and best of all, delight your clients.


 ...  read more

What Makes a Great Recruiter: Part I

What makes a great recruiter? Are great recruiters born or made? Can ANYONE learn to be a great recruiter? These are really important questions for anyone responsible for hiring recruiters and working to build a world-class recruitment function.

Over the course of my career I’ve hired and managed, either directly or indirectly, almost 1,000 recruiters and I can tell you without a doubt the answer is…it depends. I believe there are three key areas that separate great recruiters from mediocre ones.

Great recruiters are great at managing relationships. A successful recruiter has to build a strong, trusting relationship with the hiring manager as well as with the candidate and work as a middleman between both sides to reach a mutually acceptable outcome.

Building strong working relationships isn’t just about being a jovial, happy-go-lucky person who is always quick with a joke and asks “how your weekend was” or “how about this weather?” That is one style of relationship building, but strong relationships can be built on respect, expertise, and delivering on promises, just as well (or better) than it can be on simply likability....  read more

Mobile Recruiting: 3 Ways to Make It Work for Your Company

In the modern job market, candidates expect to be able to search, view and apply for jobs right from their smartphones. As a result, mobile recruiting has become a hot topic among businesses, especially those who are just starting to ramp up their hiring efforts.

Smaller companies may be on the fence about investing in a mobile-optimized hiring process, but if you want to draw in today's top talent, you'll need to reach them where they are. Business News Daily spoke with Jason Berkowitz, Vice President of client services at Seven Step RPO, on why recruiting has gone mobile, and how you can make it work for you....  read more

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