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Reducing Candidate Dropout: 5 things recruiters can do

As a recruiter, there's nothing more satisfying than helping a valued client hire the perfect candidate. Conversely, it can be a major challenge when an ideal candidate that you have been working closely with, and are about to place, drops out of the recruiting process.

At this point, you ask yourself, "What happened?" There could be a laundry list of factors that go into the candidate's decision not to take the job with your client. Rather than focusing on the entire laundry list, you should focus on the factors you can influence so candidates side with you and your recruitment expertise.

The job search process can be a roller coaster ride for many candidates when changing companies, careers, or entering the workforce for the first time. By acknowledging this reality and appealing to decision factors that matter most to candidates, you can reduce candidate dropout, recruit more, and best of all, delight your clients.


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Bring the Candidate’s Voice into Your Hiring Process

Job seekers often realize very quickly that not all hiring processes are created equal. While the job search should be a time of optimism and excitement, it is often ruined by hiring processes that are not optimized for the job seeker’s convenience. Some recruiters get the process totally right, some get part of it right, and others simply miss the mark altogether.

Even if your hiring process isn’t totally perfect, there are some non-negotiable aspects that must be in place in order to keep optimistic and engaged candidates moving through your pipeline....  read more

Good To Meet

Do you struggle to fill niche positions? Are the candidates you want being targeted by every recruiter out there? If you’ve tried every recruiting tactic in the book and still can’t get their attention, a “meetup” may be your new secret strategy. Why? It gives you the opportunity to gather a group of highly-focused, highly-qualified candidates without blatantly recruiting them. It works because you provide a thought leadership experience they won’t forget. 

I have had success running meetups for Fortune 500 companies and find that they are one of the most cost effective ways to both market your employment brand and provide a valuable experience to potential candidates. But, before you jump in, be warned: there are rules to play by. 

What is a meetup?

 If you’re not familiar with a meetup, they are happening in your locale via For a very nominal monthly fee, the site allows you to host a group that is focused on a common interest. Then your client/company can sponsor events to bring those people together. While there are all kinds of meetups, the type you want to focus on are networking events with industry thought leaders (hint: preferably your thought leader is a senior executive from your company/client). These thought leaders provide an inside track on the latest industry developments – and if you happen to be in a fast-evolving industry like IT, this is highly coveted knowledge. ...  read more

How to Start a Candidate Community that Attracts Top Talent

So, a talented potential employee visits your career site. They may or may not apply. If they don’t apply, how do you get them to return? Recruitment today is all about courting candidates by building long-term relationships with them. And if you’re not providing these candidates with a community to join, you are losing a chance to engage them and possibly drive them to your competitors. Now is the time to create a community that attracts top talent.

How can your company start a candidate community? When someone visits your career site, they will be invited to sign up by name and email to receive further communication from your company. This lets you track potentially interested candidates and provides them the opportunity to learn more about your company. It is your chance to keep your employment brand in front of candidates with the intention that when they are ready, they will apply to a job....  read more

8 Ways To Make Your Talent Community Blossom and Thrive

A talent community is a place where you gather people who share an interest in your employment brand. They sign up to be part of your database, allowing you to communicate with them via posts, email and social sharing.

This is one of the most effective ways to engage potential employees and build your employment brand. But knowing just how to optimize your community can be challenging.

Many talent acquisition managers view talent communities as places to track and communicate only with people who have applied to jobs. This is definitely a key purpose of the community, but I believe communities drive deeper engagement when they are seen as a place for anyone who has an interest in your company to stay connected with you.

Most candidates who apply to a job are not hired on their first attempt. That doesn't mean they aren't or won't be a great fit for your company at some point. By nurturing a relationship with them in your community, you stay connected with them and they understand that you value their interest and career....  read more

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