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Four Secrets to Hiring Hard-to-Fill at Volume

After the housing bubble burst in 2007, banks were required to make several changes to address the needs of their customers. One major initiative that stemmed from this crisis was the single point of contact (SPOC) regulatory requirement, announced in 2011. The SPOC required banks to provide any borrower seeking to avoid foreclosure a one-on-one relationship with the organization. In response, banks were forced to make significant hires. To make matters more difficult, prior to 2011, there wasn't a defined career path or pre-existing role that fit the qualifications required for these positions, making them extremely hard to fill.

One example you may remember is Chase's announcement that it would hire 1,000 employees to its mortgage-servicing business in Ohio. Recruiting 1,000 new employees is a difficult task, however, finding financial services talent in Central Ohio made the task doubly difficult. This was no easy task, however challenges like Chase's have become commonplace in recent years.

Chances are, if you work in financial services, information technology, or manufacturing, you've been faced with a similar hiring challenge – perhaps you're in the midst of one right now. But while hiring under these circumstances can be a headache, there are a few tactics your team can employ to streamline your process and achieve success:...  read more

6 Best Practices for Effective RPO Transitions

Begin with the end in mind. In everything, the goal or definition of success must be clear or the disruptions and distractions will lead you astray, and make achieving success ever allusive. There are many tools that must be used to get to the end, but without the end clearly defined, the transition never stops and the improvement / growth will not begin.

RPO is gaining more and more attention with each passing year and as more organizations begin to partner with an RPO provider, there will be greater pressure for success. In fact, a Staffing Industry Analysts’ study published by Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association indicates that about 30% of large organizations partnered with RPO providers for at least some of their hiring needs. They go on to mention that an additional 23% may seriously consider bringing in an RPO provider within the next 2 years. With all of these potential RPO deals coming through over the next couple years it becomes clear that effective transition plans will be critical for the their success....  read more

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