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Seven Step RPO on WIRED Innovation Insights - Four Mistakes Companies Make to Drive Thousands of Candidates Away

Last Monday, WIRED Innovation Insights featured a piece by Paul Harty, President of Seven Step RPO, (@Paul_Harty) on the four mistakes business are making in their online application process that are driving thousands of candidates away.

Here is what he had to say:

WIRED Innovation Insights: In today’s highly-competitive hiring environment, building a robust candidate pipeline is a business necessity. It takes companies an average of 47 days to fill open positions, at a cost of $3,325 per hire, according the Bersin’s Talent Acquisition Factbook 2011. If your company is like most, however, you aren’t adding a steady stream of candidates to your talent pipeline -- you’re driving them away.

The reason? An intolerable online application process.

In a national survey of over 2,500 job seekers, our team at Seven Step RPO uncovered four mistakes companies make to deter...  read more

Seven Step RPO on - Why Google+ Is the Recruiter’s Hidden Advantage

On Tuesday, featured a piece by Seven Step's Social Media Manager Erin Bazinet (@ErinBaz) on the hidden advantages of Google+ for recruiters.

Here's a bit of what she had to say: Most likely you’re already using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, but what many recruiters don’t know is that Google+ is starting to make an impact. It is the second-largest social network and has more than a billion users. While this network has had a quiet emergence, savvy recruiters will find that Google+ offers some major advantages and ...  read more

RPO Requisition Management in Five Simple Steps

Keeping track of requisitions and where each position is in the requisition lifecycle can be a daunting task. Human Resources departments are stretched thin, with employees juggling heavy, multi-faceted workloads. One of the key benefits of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is the efficiency that RPO service providers can bring to the hiring process. Not all RPOs are equally efficient, however. If you are considering hiring an RPO firm, we recommend that you inquire about the process they use to keep you informed and to ensure a seamless workflow that meets your hiring needs in a timely manner.

One successful system utilizes a customizable tool called the “open requisition dashboard.” This tool keeps track of each requisition and provides daily, at-a-glance tracking that shows where each position is in the hiring process. By categorizing the steps into five standardized phases, RPO staff can easily prioritize their day to ensure requisitions flow smoothly. ...  read more

How to Avoid an RPO Governance Shutdown

During the recent government shutdown, a joke making the rounds went something like this: “what if the government closed and no one noticed, or things were even better?” Recently, I’ve been having similar thoughts around RPO governance programs. 

Many of these programs are robust, well planned, and provide real value to both the client company and their provider. Unfortunately, there are also cases where they consist of little more than a few monthly or quarterly reports combined with a broad escalation path for complaints – nothing driving continuous improvement and evolution of the program, and nothing that would be missed if it were shut down....  read more

How to Win the Regional Talent War


The fight for top talent throughout the country has never been tougher, and companies are struggling to recruit, hire, and retain the regional talent they need in order to succeed. To make things even more difficult, competition is no longer just limited to other companies in the direct line of business since ”Shared Services” positions such as IT, Finance, Marketing, and Customer Service constitute the majority of common positions that all companies must fill.

So what does a TA leader do when there is a substantial amount of regional competition for the same types of candidates?  ...  read more

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