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How to Configure an ATS for Success

Jason Berkowitz, VP of Client Services at Seven Step RPO, believes that Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can be difficult for all kinds of hiring managers and recruiters alike as they have to be prepared for everything and anything involved in the process. Jason offers some tips for the configuration process of an ATS in OnRec that can help tackle even the toughest challenges involving ATS.

OnRec: After months of evaluating ATS, the decision of which one to select may seem like the end of a very tiring journey. However, selecting the ATS is only the beginning of the journey. Decisions around setup and configuration are, in many cases, more important than the decision of which tool to purchase....  read more

Seven Step RPO on 5 Tips for Success Change Management has started off our week this morning by featuring an article written by Seven Step’s Strategic Director Emily Gordon discussing 5 Tips for Success Change Management when hiring an RPO firm. Here's some more information: Change is hard, change is constant, and change is how companies evolve. When you bring on an RPO firm, it requires change. The goal of change management is to make change minimally disruptive, so that people can focus on performance while change is implemented. What can you do to make change easier to manage?

Here are five tips to help you navigate and manage change:

  1. Develop a common “change” language and tools
  2. Be aware of the ripple effect
  3. Emphasize your company values
  4. Communicate
  5. Involve people in the solution

You can read Emily's full piece here on 5 Tips for Successful Change Management....  read more

Seven Step RPO on HRO Today: Rx: RPO

HRO Today recently featured a piece by Seven Step's Strategic Director Katie Calhoun discussing hiring in the healthcare field.

Here's a bit of what she had to say:

HRO Today: The healthcare sector has emerged as a bright spot on the national employment scene: The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the industry adding an average of 17,000 new jobs to the economy each month in 2013. But as healthcare professionals flourish in today’s job market, their employers face mounting challenges: an ever-changing regulatory environment, the evolution of patient care, and fierce competition for talent.

A perfect storm is brewing:

  • The Affordable Care Act is expected to bring 32 million new patients into the fold in 2014, leaving healthcare companies scrambling to build out their ranks.
  • An anticipated 45,000 physician shortage reported by the AAMC Center for Workforce Studies over the next decade is pushing healthcare companies to pursue clinical nurses to fill the gap.
  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is anticipating a 60 percent rise in demand for registered nurses between 2008 and 2018, but there are simply not enough candidates to meet this growing need.

...  read more

Seven Step RPO on TLNT - Big Data is Hot, But Sometimes, Small Data Is the Better Way to Go

On Monday, TLNT featured a piece by Seven Step's Vice President of Client Services Jason Berkowitz (@jaybz) discussing the use of small data in recruiting.

Here's a bit of what he had to say:

TLNT: The recruiting and HR world has been awash for the last year with talk about Big Data.

It seems everywhere you turn you read another article describing how all your hiring problems will be solved if you can simply sift through the massive stream of data generated by your recruiting process to find nuggets of truth.

While I don’t disagree that Big Data holds promise (heck, I’ve even spoken on the topic at several HR conferences) I think the rush to embrace Big Data may cause us to overlook the wisdom of SMALL Data.

Just what is “small data?”

What do I mean by Small Data? If Big Data is characterized by massive data sets and the quest for statistical significance, Small Data is exactly the opposite — tiny data sets and the quest for anecdotal evidence....  read more

Seven Step RPO on - Who’s Responsible for Social Recruiting?

On Thursday, featured a piece by Seven Step's Sourcing Solutions Manager Victor Alberts (@The_Victor2) discussing who should be responsible for your social recruiting.

Here's a bit of what he had to say: Candidates today connect, communicate, and proactively do their homework as they interact with future employers through social media. Their first impression of your brand often takes place through your social media presence. They expect responsiveness, a person behind the brand voice, and the ability to ask questions, learn about job openings, and feel you out before they commit to clicking “apply.” The value of social recruiting is not in question. How to implement your social strategy is.

Who should be responsible for social recruiting? The answer depends on several factors. The size, depth, and internal resources of a company....  read more

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