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Four keys to motivating your team

“There is no such thing as lazy employees; only unmotivated ones.”

Whether or not you agree with that statement, the fact remains that people must be motivated by something that matters to them enough to compel them to act. Most companies measure how well an employee’s motivation aligns with a company’s goals by the term ‘engagement’. Simply put…Engaged employees feel connected to their work and team and are motivated to participate. Unengaged employees do not.

What are some of the most common motivations for work?...  read more

Seven Step RPO Recognized for Sixth Year in a Row on HRO Today's 2016 Baker's Dozen Customer Satisfaction List of Enterprise RPO Providers

HRO Today announced that Seven Step RPO has been ranked 9th among the top global enterprise providers of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions by HRO Today on their annual Baker's Dozen list. ...  read more

How Brexit May Impact Hiring Tech Talent in the UK

There is tremendous speculation about how the UK’s vote to leave the European Union will impact the economy and business’s ability to attract and retain talent. From dire predictions of doom to optimistic visions of improvement, the unknown creates an environment of fear. Will we lose all our non-UK workers? What will happen if our process for securing talent is too slow to compete with faster, easier-access countries? What if we can’t get the talent we need? What if talent shuns us because we’re difficult? Fear is a natural reaction to unexpected change. Rather than dwell in fear, let us focus on what we can impact and control....  read more

Project RPO Engagement Strategies: Does Project RPO Make Sense for You?

If you’re thinking about hiring a recruitment process outsource (RPO) firm on a short-term or project basis, there are important things to consider before taking that route. Most companies look at RPO when they are struggling to achieve target recruiting results or when their internal team is over capacity. Project RPO offers wonderful benefits and direct solutions to these challenges, but it’s not something to jump into blindly.

What is Project RPO?...  read more

Job Hopping: The New Promotion

When a recruiter looks at a resume and sees that an applicant has had a handful of jobs in a short amount of time, their first reaction is often to toss that resume in the trash. But times have changed, and it might be a good idea to give those resumes a second look.

When the economy took a dive in 2008, some companies took drastic measures to stay afloat, including benefit cuts and salary and hiring freezes that left existing employees feeling underappreciated and overworked. Leaving that environment behind for better pay became common. In fact, in many industries it seems like moving between companies is still the easiest way to get salary raises and better benefits packages.

Could it be that job hopping is the new promotion?...  read more

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