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Seven Step RPO's Commitment to Client Success Recognized by Leading Analyst Firm NelsonHall

BOSTON, June 9, 2016 -- Seven Step RPO, a leading provider of outsourced global recruitment process outsourcing solutions, announced today that it has been named as a Leader in the Overall, Candidate Focus, and Talent Management Focus categories by independent analyst firm NelsonHall in its 2016 NEAT Vendor Evaluation for RPO Services....  read more

6 Tips For The Sourcer-Recruiter

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So, you’ve been hired as a sourcer, one of those stealthy (in a good way!) covert agents who combs through the all-encompassing, open web to locate resumes and phone numbers for candidates who may be completely unaware that their information is out there. You employ keywords, complex strings and niche sources to pinpoint your targets. When done well, you find the next great hire.

Intriguing work, right? Absolutely! But it gets better! Many companies, like Seven Step RPO, where we work, are taking on a new hybrid model where sourcers are also working as recruiters. Understandably, it’s a big change to go from looking up data to picking up the phone and making cold calls! If you’re starting out in this hybrid role, we’ve got some tips to help you succeed:...  read more

What’s Hiding Behind Your Time-to-Fill Metric?

Every single company measures time-to-fill. Any talent acquisition leader worth her salt will be able to tell you her organization’s average. But while this metric is crucial to quarterly reviews and remains the number one speed metric, there a few things that it may be hiding behind its glossy cover....  read more

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Recruit Better Tech Talent

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that today’s market revolves around candidates. As a result, recruitment firms and hiring managers alike must do whatever it takes to remain one step ahead. For some, social media recruiting is the answer. Using this method as leverage not only gives insight to a candidates experience and skill set but their lifestyle as it pertains to cultural fits as well. Paul Harty, Seven Step’s President, comments on this new age recruiting style....  read more

Seven Step RPO Ranked #3 on HRO Today's Annual Baker's Dozen of Leading Enterprise Providers for Recruiting Services and Customer Satisfaction

Seven Step RPO, a leading global provider of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services, today announced that HRO Today has ranked the company as the #3 Enterprise RPO provider on its 2014 RPO Baker's Dozen list. Seven Step RPO was also ranked #3 in the Quality of Service category, #4 in the Healthcare Market Leaders category, #8 in the Breadth of Service category, and #8 in the Size of Deals category....  read more

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