Author: Katie Calhoun

How to Start a Candidate Community that Attracts Top Talent

The better relationships you build with candidates the better chances you have of finding the right people in your prospective talent pool when you need them. One of the best ways to engage candidates and build relationships with them is to provide them with a talent community. If you haven’t started one, now is the time to do so.


What is a talent community? When someone visits your career site and is invited to sign up to receive communications from your company, they are being invited into your talent community. This lets you track potentially interested candidates and provide opportunities for them to learn more about your company. It also keeps your employment brand front and center so that when candidates are ready, they will apply to a job. (Just to be clear, this is not a social community, such as brands’ customer community where there is interaction between customers and brand agents.)...  read more

Recruiting advice for recruiters and hiring managers

It’s a notoriously rocky relationship: recruiters and hiring managers share the common goal of filling roles with exceptional talent, but often fall prey to lack of trust, poor communication and different expectations; not the recipe for success, nor what anyone needs in their already stressful workday. According to ICIMS Hire Expectations Institute research, 80% of recruiters think they have a ‘high’ to ‘very high’ understanding of the jobs for which they recruit, while 61% of hiring managers say that recruiters have, at best, a ‘low’ to ‘moderate understanding’ of the jobs for which they recruit. So, how can you do better? What does it take to get recruiters and hiring managers to play on the same team, with the same rules and expectations? Here are five tips for developing a strong, functional relationship:...  read more

Has the term ‘employee engagement’ lost its impact?

For years we have been hearing about the importance and value of improving employee engagement. And rightly so, as the benefits are amazing when employees are truly engaged.

But like many popular phrases (e.g. ‘innovative’) the phrase becomes overused and soon loses its impact. In a sense, we become immune to it. So, what does it mean if employees and managers are unresponsive to the term ‘engagement’? How do we overcome this so that we can actually well, engage, employees?...  read more

Relationship advice for recruiters and candidates

In today’s competitive market, candidates need the help of recruiters now more than ever. In order for candidates and recruiters to work cohesively in matching candidates with employers, a strong relationship built on trust needs to be established early.

Relationship building may seem like an obvious component in the recruiting world, however, recruiters who struggle with successfully building relationships could improve if they had some direction on how they can build stronger relationships with candidates – directly impacting their effectiveness as recruiters.

Recruiters must embody certain characteristics and embrace certain practices for the relationship to work and gain the cooperation of candidates. The recommendations for relationship building that are provided below are intended to help recruiters earn the cooperation of candidates, and be seen as trusted advisors to them as they work together to find the right job for candidates....  read more

Talent Acquisition: Earning a Seat at the Table

As resourceful as talent acquisition (TA) is to a company, you have to prove your value and that of TA before you can even consider fraternizing with the big wigs. You can no longer think of yourself and your team as just doers, but as leaders. In environments where TA is a supplier of updates on tasks or executing on initiatives that others create, you have to understand the larger picture and ask yourself these questions:

How does talent acquisition fit into the company’s strategy? How will decisions made by other lines of business affect talent acquisition? What can we do to impact other business units’ success? What are the risks associated with not voicing concerns in a quantifiable and impactful way?

In order to get to the root of this and start setting your place among your peers or higher ranking business leaders, you need to start by acknowledging why Talent Acquisition has not been at the table in the past. If you are in an environment where you have been with a company for a while and TA is an afterthought or only called upon as needed, getting included in these conversations now will take more time but it can be done. Here is how:...  read more

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