Author: Erin Bazinet

8 Ways To Make Your Talent Community Blossom and Thrive

A talent community is a place where you gather people who share an interest in your employment brand. They sign up to be part of your database, allowing you to communicate with them via posts, email and social sharing.

This is one of the most effective ways to engage potential employees and build your employment brand. But knowing just how to optimize your community can be challenging.

Many talent acquisition managers view talent communities as places to track and communicate only with people who have applied to jobs. This is definitely a key purpose of the community, but I believe communities drive deeper engagement when they are seen as a place for anyone who has an interest in your company to stay connected with you.

Most candidates who apply to a job are not hired on their first attempt. That doesn't mean they aren't or won't be a great fit for your company at some point. By nurturing a relationship with them in your community, you stay connected with them and they understand that you value their interest and career....  read more

Email Best Practices for Effective Candidate Engagement

No matter how many articles out there exclaim that “email is dead”, I’m here to tell you that it is definitely here to stay. Email is an essential part of the recruitment process and one of the best ways to interact with candidates. It leaves an electronic trail, it’s convenient, time saving, and non-intrusive.

Continue reading for tips for how you can improve your email best practices when interacting with candidates....  read more

Five Steps to Improve Your Candidate Experience

We’re in the business of people. However, sometimes our processes get so automated that we forget that how people experience the recruitment process makes a huge impact on the employer’s reputation. In a 2013 candidate survey, Seven Step RPO found that 25 percent of candidates who applied for jobs never heard back from the employer, at all. Of the people who did hear back, 75 percent of them waited two or more days to receive a response. This has far-reaching effects. CareerBuilder reported in a 2012 survey that 42 percent of people who had a bad candidate experience said they would never reapply for a job at that company, 22 percent said they would tell others not to apply there, and nine percent said they would tell others not to buy products or services from that company. 

This proves that candidate experience does matter. From the first time a candidate reads the job description, throughout the application process, and until the possible hire, communication with the candidate should be consistent and engaging....  read more

Driving into the digital age – How Seven Step RPO helped a major U.S. automaker master social recruitment

At Seven Step, we don’t look at social recruiting as the bland practice of posting new jobs and related articles to a company’s existing corporate social accounts. Today’s digitally-savvy candidates expect to connect and interact directly with a company’s talent acquisition team, and we have a strong track record of implementing innovative campaigns that accomplish just that.

A couple of years ago, a major U.S. automaker with over 200,000 global employees wanted to implement their own social recruitment program.  The car giant soon discovered this was easier said than done, and realized that dedicated time and manpower were required to run these new candidate-facing social accounts. In order to achieve the type of engagement needed to maintain a dedicated social recruitment platform, the company turned to our experts to assist....  read more

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