Author: Emily Gordon

3 Ways Predictive Analytics Help You Hire Better

We’ve been inundated with bewildering big data for years now. Thankfully, predictive analytics has emerged to help us put that data to use in ways that drive business results. In talent acquisition (TA), predictive analytics is a tool that helps companies hire better and faster. In today’s highly competitive talent market, doing so is key to securing the talent you need. So, how does predictive analytics empower better hiring?...  read more

Leveraging Technology to Keep Job Candidates Attracted to Your Brand

We all want to hire the best talent possible. To do so, we need to remember that it’s not about moving people through the process – it’s about how the candidate feels while going through the process.

We are in a competitive talent market right now, and there aren’t many ways to differentiate your brand from your competitors. Salaries and benefits are already competitive and on par for most companies. That means you need to up your game in other ways.

How can you do that? By leveraging technology to meet the expectations of your candidates....  read more

Hiring an RPO? 4 Things to Consider Before You Commit

Hiring the right recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider is a major organizational decision, one that will have a transformative impact on your organization’s talent. If you’re not sure exactly how to hire the right RPO provider, you’re not alone. Companies that want to transform the way they hire talent have increasingly looked to RPO as a solution to support their strategies. But there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing an RPO provider; how does a company zero in on the most important ones?

Both internal and external challenges are at play when considering an RPO. From an internal perspective, it becomes pressing for an organization to make changes when its recruitment process is seriously flawed. What comes into question are the norms that drive a company’s talent acquisition strategy, as well as the financial impact of potentially changing these norms. From an external perspective, a change to the recruiting process ultimately affects the candidate and client experience — not to mention the stakeholders who have made significant financial contributions to the company.

In my years of involvement in the RPO industry, I’ve been able to identify some key considerations companies should take when hiring an RPO — as well as some considerations you shouldn’t place too much emphasis on....  read more

Is Social Media Recruiting Dead?

A year ago, reports revealed that only 2 percent of large brands' Facebook posts were reaching their fans, and one Forrester analyst lamented the death of social media's organic reach. But does the same hold true for social media recruiting?

What does Emily Gordon, strategic director at Seven Steven RPO think? Here's what she said on

"Of course, use caution when using email and social media. Nobody likes spam, and flooding potential candidates' social media feeds or inboxes with job postings can be a surefire way to kill the success of your social media outreach."

To read the full article on please click here.  ...  read more

How Recruiters Can Create Successful Partnerships With Hiring Managers

Recruiters and hiring managers’ shared goal is to fill positions with top talent. So why do they often end up frustrated with each other? Most often, it’s because hiring managers and recruiters have different perspectives and approaches when it comes to hiring.

The only person you can change is you. Take on the responsibility to be a guide, to provide value by serving to help the hiring manager succeed, and in doing so, create a spirit of partnership. Here is some guidance to help you forge a successful working relationship with hiring managers....  read more

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