Author: Beth Gilfeather

Three Key Elements of Successful Recruitment Training Programs

Imagine a newly minted doctor deciding that she knew everything she’d ever need to know about medicine simply because she had completed her formal education and residency. That would be ridiculous, right? In most professions, it’s understood that continuing education is required to keep your skills up-to-date. Professional training programs, annual certifications, and industry conferences exist for just that purpose.

Unfortunately, recruitment seems to be a discipline that often fails to live up to this standard. When we talk to potential clients about their RPO needs, we often ask about their existing recruitment training programs. Most admit that there’s not much there. If training for their internal recruiters is offered at all, it's infrequent, and typically utilizes generic third-party programs that aren’t tailored to the company's culture and processes. Consciously or not, it seems that many companies expect internal recruiters to come to them with an in-place body of skills, and that, like with our misguided doctor above, these skills are the only ones they’ll really ever need.

They’re wrong. Recruiting changes as rapidly as any other professional discipline – maybe even more so – and with talent-war success growing in bottom-line importance, it makes no sense to rely on skills that might be years, or even decades out of date....  read more

Our President Really is a Rock Star

For Paul Harty’s birthday (which is today), Seven Step’s management team gave him a special gift: a signed enlargement of a photo taken of him at our last company party, at Fenway Park. What’s cool is that in the photo, Paul’s not in “President mode.” He’s rocking out as the drummer for Seven Step favorites Halfway Gone.

We have some amazing people at Seven Step. Beyond the fact that we’re well-armed with smart, hard-working, committed, and motivated team players, we’ve got a lot of plain interesting people here as well. Paul plays the drums in a band…and he's really good! From the top down, Seven Steppers know that there’s more to life than just your job. There’s plenty of time for hobbies, sports, family, friends, and charitiesif your company has the right set of cultural values, and if you have the right amount of discipline and focus. For Paul, this means running the company and still making band practice and playing gigs every chance he gets.

At Seven Step, we hire people, not resumes, and not a checklist of skills. It's these people who make our day-to-day working relationships meaningful, and even enjoyable for our customers.

Happy Birthday Paul, and thanks for setting such a great example!...  read more

Recruitment Innovation: Size Doesn't Matter

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Recently, an executive from one of our larger clients visited the Seven Step delivery center, and while she was here, led a meeting with the recruitment teams assigned to her business. She used the time to flesh out her teams' understanding of her company's unique mission, business model, and culture. It was a great meeting.

Her thoughts on "innovation" were particularly interesting. In her company, they draw a clear distinction between "big-I Innovation" and "little-i innovation." Her point was simple: innovation comes in a number of ways, and innovations don't have to be paradigm-shifting to be important. The accumulation of small breakthrough ideas matters, too. She stressed that companies need to pay attention to both the "big I" and the "little i" if they want to build a truly progressive culture.

I agree. In fact, Seven Step's genesis was a small idea that quickly grew into something quite big. Seven Step knows well how much the "little i" matters. We believe that the accumulation of "little i's" can be much more powerful than the rare "big I." In baseball terms, we believe in winning by getting on base as frequently as possible. Homeruns certainly have their place, but relying on homeruns exclusively isn't a winning strategy....  read more

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