Author: Beth Gilfeather

Debunking the Myth About the Millennial Workforce

Many employers see the Millennials (aka “Generation Me” or “Generation Y”) as a difficult challenge and spend a tremendous amount of effort developing new and unique strategies to try and engage them. Yet, few companies take the time to ask themselves this…

“Isn’t the Millennial generation simply trying to live out what previous generations could only dream of?”

Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers hold on to your hats….but maybe we are not all that different than the Millennials after all.  I mean aren’t the ideas of work/life balance, purposeful jobs, altruistic motives, and career fluidity things we have all sought to achieve at some point? Don’t we ALL care about having a more “human” and custom work experience vs. merely clocking in and out on the linear road to retirement?...  read more

Three ways to determine if your talent acquisition process is ahead of the curve.

Today’s RPO buyers demand a more exponential value proposition from providers. Simply achieving a client’s hiring goals and satisfying SLAs are not enough. Buyers want a crystal ball and guarantee of their future state. They want a transformative RPO solution that provides measurable value to both the talent acquisition department itself and the business as a whole. This more expansive buying motive means that innovation has taken center stage and has officially become the core differentiator and a key selling point in today’s recruitment contracts....  read more

Have We Forgotten About the Hiring Manager?

Recruiting presents a very unique sales challenge.  Unlike selling software or business services (where there is distinctly only one buyer and one seller), recruiting actually has two buyers and two sellers. The candidate and the hiring manager will each wear both hats at many points during the hiring process. Given they must both sell and buy in order for a successful outcome, shouldn’t this indicate an equal amount of accountability?

So why does the focus always seem to be on the candidates (and less so the hiring managers)? Most certainly this is because top talent is in short supply and strong demand right now. And while this hyper focus on candidates is completely warranted, it can sometimes result in less focus on the hiring managers. As a provider of RPO solutions, we hear all too often from our prospects that their recruiting resources are not doing enough to provide hiring managers with the recruitment guidance and partnership they need....  read more

Powering Up Internal Mobility: Treat Internal Candidates Like External Candidates!

The War for Talent continues to threaten organizations with unexpected attrition and loss of human capital.  To fight this war, companies spend an incredible amount of money on assessment software, internal career sites, corporate citizenship, and learning & development, all with the goal of getting employees to love what they do, where they work, and their career path at the company. It's a tall order!  For those that can pull it off, lower attrition rates, higher productivity, and increased internal mobility is their reward.

There is an interesting line drawn in HR between Talent Acquisition and Talent Development departments.  One is responsible for finding the employee and the other grows and retains them once hired. While there are many different aspects of these two HR functions, there are also so many foundational similarities. Talent Management needs to apply Talent Acquisition best practices post hire in order to achieve ideal staff retention and growth within the organization....  read more

A Time to Celebrate (and Reflect)

Six years ago we founded Seven Step RPO. We were brand new to Recruitment Process Outsourcing and got a crash course on the immense challenges facing the RPO buyer community. We quickly learned what these companies needed from us and also studied the competitive landscape to discover what was (and wasn’t) being addressed by the RPO providers at that time. It was at this point that we saw a huge opportunity in this rapidly growing marketplace and committed ourselves to building something special – a different kind of RPO solution.

And here we are today, ranked 11th overall within HRO Today's Baker’s Dozen of RPO Providers and arriving for the first time on this Top 13 "Enterprise" list. Receiving this high recognition from the client community is an honor and also an enormous milestone for Seven Step. Reflecting back, there are a few things I'm particularly proud of (and today seems like a good day to share them):...  read more

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